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by Morgan Wild on May 17, 2016; last featured August 3, 2017

If I could name one thing that stands out as a highlight of being a missionary kid, it would have to be experiencing the eye-opening reality of a life that depends on the faithfulness of God.

Now, missionaries are not more saintly or closer to God than any other Christian. Missionaries do not have superhuman powers and are no different from anyone else. Any Christian can say we are trusting in and relying on God's faithfulness, but the difference, in my opinion, is in how often we might have an opportunity to realize it.

Morgan with Monkey

For example, when I am comfortable or in really good earthly circumstances, I often find myself forgetting about God. I fall into complacency and lose focus. I find myself seemingly not needing to rely on God as often. I have to remind myself to pray and thank Him for things, the blessings He pours out on us. Unfortunately, this is our human nature. We start depending on ourselves rather than our Creator.

Now, I'm not saying that being comfortable or experiencing good earthly circumstances is bad. There are times when God gives us more then we could ever ask for. But at the end of the day, true happiness isn’t found in our circumstances, but in walking with God and doing His work.

Being a missionary isn't an easy job. How often have we been thrown into hard circumstances, uncomfortable, even dangerous ones at times. It is then that our minds are cleared of our complacent daze, and we wake up and realize that we are weak and vulnerable, completely reliant on God. In hard times, when we know there is nothing we can do to save lives, we have seen God do miracles on people's behalf, healing sickness and sparing many who could have died. We have seen His provision over years of living in a remote location where supplies are only accessible by helicopter or bush-plane. We have watched how God has changed the hearts of hardened men, and proven to us that proclaiming His Word does not return void. And the list goes on! My point is, the life I live has cemented this concept of God's faithfulness into my heart and my family, and I have been blessed to witness it on a regular basis.

Kian with Friends

It is evident that Paul experienced much hardship, but he knew how precious the testing of his faith was; it only convinced him more to continue trusting in God alone.

The reality of my dependence on God is so important to me; it has taught me so much and stretched my little faith a bit more each time I am challenged to turn to God for a certain need or problem and then watch Him work it out and use it to glorify His name.

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