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Adorable Things Kids Say

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by Libby Wild on May 12, 2016; last featured July 25, 2017

It always made me feel special when I heard moms talking about kids’ “stages” and my mom would say, “I just love every stage.” She always seemed like she loved being a mom and that we weren’t a burden. With boys ranging from 11–17, we have a lot of fun together at this stage.

Wild Family

Our discussions have depth. We can have good debates, great brainstorming sessions, or just sit and reminisce. The other night we had one of those nights of remembering and laughing together. Isn’t it great how you can look back on your life and laugh? Or better yet look back at your kids’ lives and laugh! Time has a great way of making stressful circumstances turn into great memories.

Baby Asher

We had moved into our little mountain village and Asher was probably about three-and-a-half or four years old. We had quite the crowd out in front of our house. I am not sure why there were so many people gathered, but I remember a lot of commotion and Mike hurrying in the house carrying Asher. Asher had been shot with an arrow! It was a complete accident.

A young teen had been shooting quite a ways off from the crowd but his arrow strayed, hit a tree, ricocheted, and grazed the inside of Asher’s foot. Mike pulled out the arrow tip and we got the wound cleaned up and bandaged. Asher didn’t want to put any weight on his foot that night, so we carried him to the table for dinner and let him sleep on the couch so he would be closer to our room (our house at that time was only about 705 sq. ft., so no one was far away!).

The next morning, I found Asher awake on the couch. I asked him how he slept and how he was feeling. He just looked at me somberly and said, “Mom, isn’t it sad that I won’t ever walk again?”

We have had many laughs over the years about that one. Thankfully Asher made a full recovery and was running around again by lunch!

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