Mango Season

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by Libby Wild on November 19, 2015

My mom said that when I was three years old, they took me to Disneyland, and she thought I would be so excited. There I sat in my little umbrella stroller, I am told, showing no emotion whatsoever. My mom says she asked me if I was having a good time, and I just nodded.

Mango Tree

I am still like that in a lot of ways. I just don’t get “jump-up-and-down” excited about too many things. But this month we just happened to hit mango season while on our break. These mangoes are not going to taste like perhaps the mango you are thinking of. I don’t mean to be a fruit snob. There are plenty of wonderful tasting fruits that I miss so much that the US offers, but tropical fruits aren’t on the list. Mangoes that are grown right in your tropical backyard just taste different!

Right now we are spending a break living on a property that is covered by mango trees. Every night we fall to sleep to the sound of what seems like gunfire but in reality is the sound of mangoes falling on the tin roof. We wake up every morning to a yard literally covered with mangoes.

Libby and Hudson with Mango

There are mangoes at all the market stands, there are mangoes on the side of the road, there are mangoes everywhere! So Hudson and I can be found several times during the day leaning over the kitchen sink eating these beautiful, juicy treats! Can you eat too many mangoes? Not sure—we will keep you posted.

So happy fall to you all. You may have pumpkin spice, but I have my mangoes!

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