Survival of the Fittest

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by Morgan Wild on November 17, 2015

Anyone who has lived with us Wilds knows that we brothers eat a lot. We love a hearty breakfast, a filling lunch, and a hot, steaming dinner. In between mealtimes we snack frequently as well. One common saying in our house during mealtime is survival of the fittest. This phrase is often used in association with a brother who arrives late to the table and realizes that his food is being devoured before his eyes!

Survival of the Fittest

Since we were little, we have been raised to eat whatever our parents give us, and we have all developed a hearty appetite that, by our mom’s perspective, seems to be growing daily! There is a feisty competition in the kitchen when food is around. It’s the battle for survival in a house full of growing boys! A bowl of popcorn can disappear quickly, and if you’re not around to get it, it’s too bad for you.

Coffee cup

When one gets up late on Saturday morning, stumbles out of bed groggy, then moseys over to the coffee bar and realizes that the French press is empty, our cold reply is, “survival of the fittest.”

There are rarely ever leftovers; those who are wise will be the first to the dinner table.

Now, of course this behavior isn’t as ruthless as it might sound. Our parents have brought us up with manners and sensible reasoning. We are courteous gentlemen, really, especially when we are over at other people’s houses or enjoying a meal with company. Don’t let the jokingly harsh behavior that I have revealed determine your decision to have us over for dinner or not! Survival of the fittest is just a phrase that we brothers throw around to make meal times a bit more fun!

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