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by Morgan Wild on May 10, 2015

Mothers are an amazing gift from God! Just think, if we didn't have mothers, we wouldn't be around today. So it is an honor and privilege for us to take time to love and dote upon our mothers on the one-of-a kind day we affectionately call Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day. It's a special day when we (sons and daughters) might make sure to give our mom a kiss on the cheek, clean up our room, and make sure that our clothes are matching! We might buy our mom flowers or her favorite chocolate (all mothers love chocolate after all) and maybe write a card that conveys our love for her, wishing her a happy day to herself.

Although this is a nice idea and a worthy one, if we pay respect to moms on a designated day, do we walk away from Mother's Day forgetting about our mothers until the next year when we once again recall their value? In our fast-paced schedules, we might not stop to consider the vital role that they play in our lives. It is very possible for us to take for granted the blessing that mothers are, forgetting the love and care that they show us every minute! It's important for us to realize just how much we depend upon our mothers. Let’s not forget about their dedicated commitment to our well-being, the encouragement and teaching they provide, and their unwavering love and understanding that they show us even when we make mistakes.

They are the ones who help shape us into the young men and women we are growing up to be. So let’s take the time on Mother’s day and every other day to express our thanks and gratitude for our moms (Proverbs 31:28; Ephesians 6:2) for being the incredible women that they are, and ultimately, thank God for them—for the impact they have and the role that they play in our lives.

Morgan and Libby

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