An Inheritance for Our Children

Thoughts on Christian Parenting—Part 3

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by Libby Wild on May 8, 2015

I am a wife to my husband, Mike, and a mom to the four Wild brothers. We are missionaries living deep in the jungle of Southeast Asia working with tribal people to translate the Bible and teach them truth about God and His Word.

Note: This is Part 3 in the series. Please read Part 1: “Why We Homeschool” and Part 2: “A Mother’s Worries and God’s Provision.”

Part of homeschooling—and parenting in general—is teaching God’s Word and God’s truth to our children each and every day, all throughout the day. As I began teaching my boys truths about the Bible—not stories with cartoon figures, but truths about God’s word, doctrine, and history—they began to see how God worked all throughout history and is now working in the very same way through our family. As they began to understand that our God is faithful, that He is a near God who tenderly cares for each of us, they asked to hear more and more of His Words. I’ve said it is like a mama bird; everything I was learning I was chewing up and giving it to them in bite-size meals all throughout the day. I wanted to do that so that they would be nurtured and have a taste for God’s Word and be eager for it when they got old enough to feed themselves.

Training Our Children

God’s Word—An Inheritance

Solid, constant Bible teaching is like an inheritance for the boys. We were recently studying eastern cultures in our homeschool time and the idea of inheritance was brought up. I explained what an inheritance was and how it worked within the culture we were studying. Later, we were studying Ephesians, and in chapter one Paul reminds us, as an encouragement in our walk, that we as God’s children are promised an inheritance (Ephesians 1:11–21). Again, we were faced with this concept of an inheritance.

As we were reading God’s Word, I explained to my sons that their father and I are investing God’s Word in their lives each and every day with the hope that when they leave our home they will have an inheritance far more valuable than any bank account or estate this world could offer. I told them that each day when either Mike or I read to them or teach them from the Word of God, it is like putting money in an account for them. One day when they are on their own, they will have this as a resource to spend on life’s decisions, trials, times of rejoicing, times of sorrow, and suffering.

So, in the Wild home, our goal is to “train up our children in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6) with a constant diet of solid Bible teaching. Our prayer is that, as we honor this objective, our children’s theology will be developed and they won’t be swayed by the things of this world (Ephesians 4:12–14). On their own, neither homeschooling studies like Mark Twain, algebra, nor good penmanship can do that for a person, but a loving God and His infallible Word sure can.

Let's pray together that we would be aware of the Lord's presence and that we would be careful to honor Him with our thoughts, words, and lives.

With love from your sister in Christ,

Wild Family

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