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ABC Thanksgiving Lessons

In addition to the free month of lessons, we also offer free seasonal Sunday school lessons for Pre-K through Adult. Download includes teacher guide along with posters, games, seasonal activities, take-home sheets, and more. These bonus lessons supplement the 200 faith-building lessons available for purchase and make great standalone lessons for teachers looking for Bible-based holiday lessons. These lessons may be used in any order.

Lesson 1: Giving Thanks to God

Thanksgiving Lesson 1

Focus: All good gifts come from God. He alone is worthy of glory, honor, and praise. We can thank God for who he is and what he’s done when we praise him in worship and prayer.

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Lesson 2: Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

Thanksgiving Lesson 2

Focus: God has commanded us to give thanks in all circumstances, the good and the bad times. Knowing and trusting in God and his promises can help us be grateful at all times.

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More Seasonal Bonus Lessons

Check back soon for updated and new seasonal lessons!

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