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  • September Specials
  • Gospel Reset Curriculum
    Gospel Reset Curriculum

    The warm-hearted and often humorous evangelist Cory McKenna provides fundamental tools that equip you to share the gospel with unbelievers. This modern evangelism curriculum includes four 20-minute sessions for personal study, small-group, or Sunday school Bible study. Includes bonus items! Gospel Reset book and conference DVD

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  • The Red Sea Miracle 2
    The Red Sea Miracle 2

    Did a mighty sea split? Tim Mahoney continues to raise big questions about biblical miracles. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle 2, is the powerful final film in this Red Sea saga.

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  • The Heavens Declare Episodes 7-12
    The Heavens Declare Episodes 7-12

    Explore the different views and history about the origin of the universe and why we are here. The Heavens Declare is a DVD series exploring the scientific evidence which supports the Biblical worldview for the formation of the universe. FREE video downloads with DVDs.

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