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  • The True Story of Christmas
    The True Story of Christmas

    Special care has been taken in this beautifully illustrated book to remain accurate to the biblical account while keeping the true story accessible and exciting to children.

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  • Dinosaurs for Kids Pack
    Dinosaurs for Kids Pack

    This dinosaur book combo from Ken Ham is fun for kids of all ages! Help children learn the true history of dinosaurs from a biblical perspective. The world of dinosaurs has never been this exciting, revealing, and amazing to see and explore!

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  • Plush - Camel
    Plush - Camel

    Kids will love playing with this soft, plush camel as they learn some fun camel facts! Did you know camels can consume up to 30 gallons of water at a time? But not this one, he's stuffed!

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  • The Door of Salvation
    The Door of Salvation

    This fun book for kids teaches how the Ark had only one door that Noah's family and the animals could enter in to be saved from the flood. Our personal salvation is found through a single door as well, which is Jesus. Previously titled, "A Special Door."

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