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Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl

Creation Quest #1

Written by Buddy Davis, Kay Davis, and Lydia Howe
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  • Format: Softcover
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 76 pages
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2013
  • SKU: 10-1-561
  • ISBN:
  • UPC:

Join Buddy Davis and his caving adventure partners as they explore an amazing world found beneath the earth. Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl has important creation teaching throughout. Bonus audio CD narrated by Lydia included.


Strap on your headlamp and sling on your backpack for a great adventure deep inside a perilous cave. The adventure follows explorer Buddy Davis as he searches the inky darkness of a limestone cave for evidence that men and dinosaurs walked the earth together. Along the way, you will learn a pile of truths from God's Word as young Lydia and her family teach others about the Creator and Savior ... and have a few adventures of their own. You can trust the Bible, and you will find many good reasons to do so as you join in the mystery. And be careful not to slip on that rock! How would you get out of the cave with a broken leg?

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