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Jonathan Park Vol. 9: The Whispering Sphinx MP3 CD

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  • Format: Audio CD
  • Dimensions: 5.6" x 4.8" x 0.4"
  • Length: 300 minutes
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 5 and up
  • Publisher: The Vision Forum, Inc.
  • Published: 2013
  • SKU: 20-5-176
  • ISBN:
  • UPC:

Join the Creation Response Team for a heart-racing archaeological treasure hunt that will uncover ancient artifacts from Bible times and reveal exciting testimonies to God's amazing creation and His inerrant Word!


Egypt is in political turmoil. On the verge of presidential elections, a mysterious tablet is found with a prophecy about the coming leader and his lineage to the Pharaoh Ramses II. That's when the statue of the Great Sphinx begins to mysteriously "speak," confirming the message of the tablet. Meanwhile, the Creation Response Team has learned that the research of Egyptian Chronologist Dr. Howard will shake the foundations of modern archaeology. How does it all relate? Join Jonathan Park and the CRT as they race to the aid of a nation and unlock the mysteries of Egypt's past and present in Jonathan Park and the Whispering Sphinx.

Twelve Adventurous Episodes

  • Episodes 97-98. The Sands of Time: Parts I & II

    Biblical Chronologist Dr. Howard has sent the Creation Response Team a statue containing secret information that sends them on an exciting journey to Egypt. Dr. Howard claims that, in the right hands, his information could save the lives of thousands. However, a radical group wants the information for their own purposes and is willing to shed blood for it.
  • Episodes 99-100. Pyramid of Fear: Parts I & II

    An unknown group led by a mysterious man, known only as Effendi, is intimidating tourists and causing civil unrest. The CRT has learned that Dr. Howard's work may hold the answer to their actions, and that he has hidden his research throughout Egypt. Meanwhile, the Junior CRT has discovered an ancient tablet at the Great Sphinx that seems to prophesy the coming of a new Egyptian Leader.
  • Episodes 101-102. Curse of the Nile: Parts I & II

    The CRT along with their faithful guide, Akiva, continues to research Dr. Howard's work of harmonizing Egyptian chronology with the biblical account. Yet the attacks from the group known as "The Brotherhood of Sobek" seem to be getting worse. Plus, the CRT has an encounter with a crocodile on the Nile. As the election for Egypt's new president is heating up, General Karabo announces his candidacy.
  • Episodes 103-104. Flight to Suez: Parts I & II

    General Karabo is now claiming that the tablet foudn by the CRT prophecies him as the leader of Egypt. At the same time, the Great Sphinx is heard speaking to tourists, reporters, and scientists. No one knows how it's possible. Meanwhile, the CRT's plane is sabotaged in an attempt to stop them from finding more of Dr. Howard's research, and crashes in the Sahara Desert.
  • Episodes 105-106. The Brotherhood of Sobek: Parts I & II

    The Brotherhood of Sobek is out in full force as they contiune their attacks, including one on the Christian church ahs served as the headquarters for the CRT. Just as the team figures out how Dr. Howard's work can save thousands of lives, part of the team is betrayed, and Kendall is kidnapped.
  • Episodes 107-108. The Whispering Sphinx: Parts I & II

    Popularity for General Karabo has become overwhelming, but the CRT has come to face to face with who he really is. Now it's up to them to stop him from becoming the next Egyptian president. Will they be able to overcome the Brotherhood of Sobek and show the tablet, the Whispering Sphinx, and Karabo to be a fraud?

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