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Ecology Combo

Global Warming, and Resisting the Green Dragon

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  • Published: 2011
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Includes the new Christian ecology series Resisting the Green Dragon and the biblically based documentary Global Warming.

What’s Included $65 value

  • Resisting the Green Dragon

    Twelve 30-minute sessions featuring highly respected Christian speakers, along with a special bonus documentary, and a printable discussion guide. Use for personal study, Sunday school, home school, and small groups.

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  • Global Warming

    This is one of the most important DVDs we’ve ever released. An exceptional tool for all who want the truth about global warming—and the science and politics surrounding it. Compelling graphics, on-location interviews … and information you’re unlikely to hear from the secular media!

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Are you being assimilated into the (eco)collective?

God calls us to carefully steward His creation. He designed the earth as an extremely robust environment, with an amazing ability to recover from natural and man-made disasters. But recently there has been a rapid increase in “radical environmentalism.”

Are the ice caps melting? Will polar bears and penguins soon be found starving on small floating icebergs? Does the future survival of man hinge on an immediate reduction in carbon emissions? The media would have us believe that man is the cause of global warming—what’s the truth?

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