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Dinosaurs of Eden Pack

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  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis, Master Books
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With this vibrant book and fast-paced video, discover when dinosaurs lived, what they ate, why we find their bones, how they died, and more! Explore Bible-based dinosaur facts with vivid detail and loads of fun!

What’s Included $26 value

  • Dinosaurs of Eden

    Revised and updated, this beloved classic will take you on a breathtaking trip across time to the biblical foundation of dinosaurs!

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  • Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures: I Dig Dinosaurs!

    Join adventurer Buddy Davis on an exciting dinosaur dig in the Badlands of Montana! This real-life dinosaur researcher inspires kids with his solid creation teaching and infectious passion for the gospel. DVD comes with a FREE full-color poster, and a digital discussion guide!

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