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  • Climate Change for Kids . . .and Parents Too!
    Climate Change for Kids . . .and Parents Too!

    Climate change for the whole family! Full of brilliant illustrations and scientific, logical, and theological truths, this resource will empower concerned parents, teens, and curious children to navigate the complexities of climate change with biblical wisdom, compassion, and faith.

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  • Divine Dilemma
    Divine Dilemma

    How can we understand death, disease, and suffering in light of the Bible’s teaching that our Creator God is loving? Ken Ham confronts this topic head-on. There really are answers that give the peace we need.

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  • Creation to Babel
    Creation to Babel

    There has never been a commentary like this one—it's unique in the world! Ken Ham has been asked many questions about Genesis—and he answers them in this commentary on Genesis 1–11!

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  • Divided Nation
    Divided Nation

    They claim they threw religion out. But they threw Christianity out and replaced it with a different religion. Can the church regain a position of influence among young people seeking “truth” while rejecting God’s Word? 160 pages.

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