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DVD-Based Curriculum

The warm-hearted and often humorous evangelist Cory McKenna provides fundamental tools that equip you to share the gospel with unbelievers. This modern evangelism curriculum includes four 20-minute sessions for personal study, small-group, or Sunday school Bible study. Includes bonus items! Gospel Reset book and conference DVD

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Box Set

God designed our sexuality to be sacred and beautiful. Our culture is battling this reality and hurting countless women. Learn how can we point people to God’s Word and the gospel.

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Curriculum Includes

In a world where racial tensions are extremely high, it is imperative that the church address the racism issue from a biblical perspective. Equip your group to experience the barrier-shattering power of the gospel message, beginning in Genesis with this 12-session, DVD-based small group Bible curriculum.

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Curriculum Includes

Inspire your young people to go to the next level in their Christian walk! Equip them to live out their faith—at school and in all areas of life—with this cutting-edge series. Winner of Gold Crown Awards for “Best Youth Series” and “Best Curriculum”!

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Box Set

In the Embrace series, you will hear from women as they share practical, biblical ways to embrace and encourage those who are hurting.

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Curriculum Includes

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