The Legacy of a Creation Evangelist

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For over 12 years, members of Bethany Baptist Church in the U.S. northeast's Biddeford, Maine, experienced a rare treat. Every Sunday they heard mini-messages on how God's Word can be trusted on matters that touch on biology, geology, astronomy, anthropology and history.

Pastor Brian Pennell

Pastor Brian Pennell relaxes in one of his favorite places in the world, the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He was truly a lover of God's creation! Photo courtesy of Cheryl Prior.

Through 10-minute “Creation Moments,” Pastor Brian Pennell, a retired chemical engineer and nuclear physicist, reinforced the truth that Genesis is the foundation of all Christian doctrine and that evolution is not a proven scientific fact. Using material from Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research, many “Creation Moments” were also aired on the local cable TV station.

Pastor Pennell's passion for teaching about creation and the authority of Scripture helped strengthen the faith of many in his congregation, including one young girl who won a debate on the creation/evolution controversy at the religious school she attended. With the knowledge she had gained from listening to hours of “Creation Moments,” she was well-equipped to boldly defend God's Word against others who held compromised beliefs about God's Word.

In addition to presenting sermons on creation to churches, Pastor Pennell also held creation seminars for International Students, Inc., in which many unsaved students from China heard the gospel.

Sadly, church members no longer hear these faith-defending messages. Pastor Pennell went home to be with his Creator in August 2005 after battling leukemia. While the congregation is thankful for the legacy he left behind, his daughter Cheryl says the congregation is hopeful that someone in their church will come forward to continue taking a moment for our Creator.

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