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Regular visitors to the Answers in Genesis website will be the first to notice the modern new design launched on the homepage today. The new design increases both the visual appeal and the usefulness of the website, and represents the ongoing aim of AiG to proclaim the authority of God's Word to a compromised generation.

The new homepage also integrates the first in a series of ads for the new Answers in Genesis branding campaign, which began yesterday. This campaign will promote the AiG message in a number of print and television venues, including Christianity Today, WORLD, The Christian Index and The Weekly Standard for print media, and on the Sky Angel, TBN and Cornerstone broadcasting networks.

“I do praise the Lord for the creative and visionary staff He has brought to this ministry,” commented Ken Ham, AiG president and a popular speaker and author. “This is once again reflected in the exciting change you see on the award-winning website. As AiG steps out in yet another innovative way to reach the culture with the vital message of the authority of God's Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are thrilled to begin what is called a 'branding campaign' to show the world that the Bible does have the answers for the skeptical questions of this age.”

Rod Martin, Senior Director for Internet, Audio & Video Outreach at AiG, remarked that the new page design reflects AiG's goal to give ordinary people answers to the questions they're asking, and to address issues the church has not confronted. “In an endeavor to broaden our reach, we are initiating a widespread print campaign, which starts this week. The new front page of the website reflects this campaign, with the purpose of drawing people deeper into the issues and helping them find answers.”

“Our overall goal was to design a more dynamic homepage,” Joel Leineweber, head of the webdesign team, explained. “The graphic panel at the top will direct people to new content every month. The 'site features' will inform people of areas of the site they might not be familiar with. The left column keeps people up-to-date on upcoming events and AiG news. The center column features everything on our site that is updated daily-articles, blogs and radio broadcasts. The right column makes it easier to find useful resources from the Answers Bookstore.”

The Answers in Genesis site received the prestigious “Ministry Website of the Year” award for 2005 from the 1,400-member National Religious Broadcasters. Created in 1995, the AiG website recorded 62 million page views in 2005 alone. In addition to over 6,000 articles that help strengthen the biblical worldview, the site provides free presentations, podcasts, two blogs, and much more.


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