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In Remembrance—Larry Burkett

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Larry Burkett, radio host, best-selling author, cofounder and chairman of the board of Crown Financial Ministries—and a good friend of Answers in Genesis—passed away on Friday.

A veteran of the US Air Force and a deeply patriotic American, Larry passed away on the 4th of July of congestive heart failure. He had battled illness for several years, including a bout with cancer.

Since AiG-US started in 1994, he assisted the fledgling AiG ministry in many ways. For example, he interviewed AiG–US president Ken Ham and highly endorsed the AiG ministry on one of his national broadcasts.

As host of Money Matters (winner of the prestigious ‘Talk Show of the Year,’ awarded by the National Religious Broadcasters), Larry wrote several books on what the Bible says about managing money; he also wrote popular novels.

As a former engineer at NASA, he had a deep interest in science and biblical apologetics.

Bill Wise, vice president of finance of AiG–US, who worked with Larry for 14 years at Crown, says he’ll never forget Larry’s shining example of Christian character:

‘Larry had absolutely no ego. He could relate equally to a total stranger as well as the president of the United States, and he’d treat them on the same level. He never sensed his own status, but he loved and served everyone equally. I’ll always think of Larry as my “Christian hero,” the embodiment of all the Christian graces.’

Larry leaves behind his wife, Judy, four grown children, and nine grandchildren. For more background on the wonderful ministry of Larry, go to

As we post this remembrance of a good friend, funeral arrangements are pending. Please pray for Larry’s family and for Crown Financial Ministries, which has lost its beloved cofounder.


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