Grateful for AiG’s Ministry to the Church and Pastors


“Thank you to all of your for the wonderful work you are doing for our Lord!”

Dear Ken Ham and AIG Staff,

Thank you to all of your for the wonderful work you are doing for our Lord! My family and I have truely been blessed by your ministry. Although unable to attend a family camp this summer, we were able to attend in 1998 and 1999. What a terrific experience! Last year I asked Ken Ham if I could get our pastors to read only one book about creation, which would he suggest it be. His reply was Creation Evangelism for the New Millenium. I purchased this book for them. I presented our senior pastor with this book last August. He did not get around to reading it until this spring while on sabatical. After reading it he said "This served to challenge me regarding the damaging effect of evolutionary teaching and the need in our church as well as in our college ministry to give more attention to creation science." Thank you Ken Ham for this recommendation and for writing this wonderful book! Any further suggestions for reading, etc? God Bless you and your ministry.

LaCrosse, WI (USA)


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