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The “Wonders of Creation” issue of Answers magazine explores just a few of the amazing designs God has placed in creation to show us His glory.

Romans 1:20 tells us that the invisible things of God “from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that men are without excuse.” The Lord has revealed much about Himself in the wonders of creation, and these wonders point humans toward Him.

The “Wonders of Creation” issue of Answers magazine explores just a few of the amazing designs God has placed in creation to show us His glory. Many of the articles are based on the content found in the Wonders room of the Creation Museum. Here is a preview of some of the articles you will find in this eye-catching and faith-strengthening issue.

  • “The Wonders of the Whole”—The marvelous creativity of God can be seen even in the tiniest parts of creation. This special illustrated series explores carbon, the building blocks of life, the language of life, and symbiosis the cooperation of life.
  • The Creator Clearly Seen”—What does God think when we refuse to accept what He has clearly revealed about Himself in creation? Dr. Jud Davis explores that question with several key passages from God’s Word.
  • Little Green Machines”—Flowers in planters, forests covering mountainsides, and grass poking up through cracks in the sidewalk, plants are an inescapable reminder of God’s creative wisdom and provision. This article takes us on a tour through several intriguing aspects of plants that demonstrate the wisdom and provision of the Creator.
  • “The Matrix—Life’s Support System”—Though you may not be aware of it, you are home to trillions of tiny bacteria and other microbes. Dr. Joe Francis examines these microscopic organisms and their place in creation.
  • “Mystifying Mosaics”—Some animals seem to defy classification. Are these creatures missing links or examples of design? Dr. Kurt Wise proposes that these puzzling combinations are not evidences of evolution but rather evidences of a caring Creator.
  • “The Mystery of Life”—One question has baffled scientists and philosophers for millennia: What is life? Paul F. Taylor and Simon Terry briefly explore the question from a biblical perspective.
  • “Do All Creationists Go to Heaven?”—Can a person go to heaven if he simply converts from evolutionism to creation? Ken Ham answers this question from the Bible’s standpoint.
  • “Best Seat in the House”—Those who explore creation with a biblical worldview have a unique perspective. What does the variety and abundance of creation say about the Creator?

Semi-Technical Section

The following semi-technical articles provide readers with an opportunity to explore the wonders of creation in depth:

  • “Words Are Us”—Dr. John Oller Jr. proposes that one of the things that makes us human is the capacity to communicate using language.
  • “The Seeing Eye”—Dr. David Menton considers several amazing aspects of the human eye that reflect a Designer.
  • Transcontinental Rock Layers”—In part three of his series on geologic evidences for a worldwide flood, Dr. Andrew Snelling examines rapidly deposited sediment layers spread across vast areas.

As we examine the intricacy of creation, we catch a mere glimpse of God’s power. Only an omnipotent Creator could weave together our complex, yet orderly, universe.

Editor’s Note: Subscribers, when you get your issue (mailing soon!) be sure to check out this issue’s Subscriber Exclusive content on AnswersMagazine.com. From the Table of Contents page, as well as from within several articles, you will find inspiring mini-science shows from the Creation Museum on the following topics:

  • Designed for Flight
  • Habitable Planet
  • Common Designer
  • Carbon
  • DNA
  • Communities
  • Creator Clearly Seen
  • Plants
  • What is Life?


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