CT Reviewer Misrepresents AiG!

on August 30, 2001

Christianity Today, a US magazine that used to be Biblically conservative, continues to manifest its neo-evangelical, compromising view of Scripture.

Christianity Today, a US magazine that used to be Biblically conservative (including its editorial stand on Biblical inerrancy and authority), continues to manifest its neo-evangelical, compromising view of Scripture. This was most recently witnessed in the current issue (September 3, 2001) of CT and its review of the upcoming Public Broadcasting Service-TV series “Evolution” and AiG’s part in it.

While on one hand AiG appreciates Tom Bethell’s critique of the series as a propaganda tool for evolutionists, we must nonetheless point out that he incorrectly suggested that Answers in Genesis-featured in the upcoming TV series, September 24-27-does not “criticize evolution from a scientific perspective.” This is wrong.

- AiG has 6 full-time scientists (and several adjunct scientists) with PhDs who conduct original research and write extensively against “molecules-to-man” evolution, including a book that is the most current scientific critique of evolution (Refuting Evolution by the brilliant scientist Dr Jonathan Sarfati, with 250,000 copies in print).

- this week (August 30-September 3), AiG is holding an international science conference near Cincinnati, Ohio, hosting perhaps the finest assemblage of Creation scientists ever (over 700 attendees, including scientists, engineers, and laypersons will hear science lectures ranging from plate tectonics to paleontology).

- AiG produces TJ, the world’s leading peer-reviewed Creation science journal.

- This Web site (www.AnswersInGenesis.org) features more science articles than any other apologetics site (and is visited by up to 14,500 people a day).

- AiG has broken ground on what will be a first-class 50,000-square-foot museum near the Cincinnati Airport, and its exceptional science exhibits will expose the bankruptcy of the evolution worldview, and demonstrate that real science shows instead that the Bible tells the true history of the world.

While ultimately the creation vs evolution controversy is a debate over whose authority to accept (i.e. the Word of the infallible Creator God vs the words of fallible evolution scientists), our highly qualified scientists have shown that science supports the Genesis account of origins, not evolution. Apparently, Mr Bethell knows little about AiG.

Christianity Today claims that one of its distinctives is that it “believes the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God.” However, since the departure of the well-known Bible-defender Harold Lindsell as editor in 1978, CT has continually featured articles and commentaries that compromise the authority of the Bible from its very first verse.

To make your objections known to Christianity Today about the Bethell commentary, you can send a firm but respectful e-mail to: letters@ChristianityToday.com or by fax to (630)260-0114 (IMPORTANT: Mark your correspondence “confidential” if you do not wish to see your comments published in CT or posted to its Web site.)


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