Creation 2001: Impacting Lives


Chemists, engineers, biologists, geologists, teachers, and pastors were among the over 800 people who turned up in West Harrison, Indiana, for AiG's Creation 2001 conference this past weekend.

Creation 2001 Crowd

Over 800 attendees were encouraged by the Biblical truths explained during the Creation 2001 Conference.

Chemists, engineers, biologists, geologists, teachers, and pastors were among the over 800 people (ranging in age from 9 to 74) who turned up in West Harrison, Indiana (USA), for AiG’s Creation 2001 conference this past weekend (August 30–September 3).

The conference attracted people from a variety of places (Korea, Japan, Colombia, Greece, Venezuela and from most of the 50 United States, including one man who drove 5 days from Alaska to attend!), and for a variety of reasons—for one it was the requested present for his sixteenth birthday!

Ken Ham set the tenor for the conference with his lecture, “A Young Earth—It’s Not the Issue!,” explaining that the true issue is one of authority—whether to accept the Word of the omniscient Creator as He recorded it, or to accept the ideas of humans who can, and do, make mistakes. AiG, and the participating speakers accept that God created in six normal-length days, a “young” age for the universe, and a global Flood in Noah’s day, because they take the Biblical record straightforwardly, not because “science” has proven any of these things. The conference speakers were, therefore, not out to prove the truth of the Bible by using evidence, but rather would show that the Biblical record provides a cogent explanation for the world we observe.

Michael Oard

Michael Oard explains his model for a single Ice Age caused by the Genesis Flood.

Participants were encouraged by the personal interaction with the speakers, who are leading researchers in their various scientific disciplines—Dr John Baumgardner (geophysics), Dr Danny Faulkner (astronomy), Michael Oard (atmospheric science), Dr Werner Gitt (information science), Dr Bryant Wood (archaeology), Dr David Menton (anatomy), Dr Jonathan Sarfati (chemistry) and Dr Russell Humphreys (physics)—and in the creation movement. Attendees had their questions answered, and their understanding of the Biblically-based models creation scientists are developing in various disciplines deepened, e.g. Dr Humphreys” model of cosmology, Dr Baumgardner’s model of “catastrophic plate tectonics”, and Michael Oard’s well-developed model of a post-Flood Ice Age.

The response to the conference was overwhelmingly positive, and many took with them an increased confidence in God’s Word, greater insights into who God is and our responsibility before Him, and a better understanding of how true science confirms the Biblical record. We’ll let the conference participants tell you in their own words what they thought of Creation 2001:

  • So glad I came. I hadn’t realized how important it is to defend creation in every Bible example. I had simply accepted all on faith. I believe it will improve my witness. (B. & J. S.)

  • I wanted to hear real scientists who could produce real science that supports the Bible. I am a science teacher and I’m so tired of “assumed evolution” in all the books and materials. I enjoyed the conference very much, it was very encouraging and my faith was strengthened. This was my first exposure to AiG and I am very impressed. (V.G.)

  • I thought the conference was excellent and got a lot out of it. Thank you for doing it! (M.M., age 11)

  • Great conference with impressive speakers. The more I hear these creation concepts, the more they soak in and better prepare me to teach and I always learn something new. It was my birthday gift from my children—praise God! (G.T.)

  • Even with my meager scientific background, this conference has been time well spent. I am going home with a new challenge to encourage our pastor(s) to actively pursue and teach the creation model. I also have a stronger and better understanding of the issues.

  • As a full time wife and mother, I consider creation studies my “continuing education’. Additionally, it was an answer to prayer to be here with my unbelieving husband. He said he was glad he came and I know God is using this conference to open his eyes to the truth of the Gospel. Thank you. (J.Q.)

  • Dr Charles Ware

    Dr Charles Ware spoke on the Biblical basis for racial reconciliation.

    This fills a big hole in Christendom today! If we are to affect our culture and fulfill the great commission we will need this type of training and inspiration and networking.

  • Wow! I was amazed at the variety of speakers as well as the extent of their knowledge in their areas. I’ve never heard creation scientists in any area speak before. It was really neat to see speakers from so many places. I love knowing other people also think there’s more to a Christian worldview than just fluffy stories. I like science—it has answers like you say. I can’t say enough how much I like getting deeper into astronomy, geology—everything that can put evolutionists (teachers) in their place. (K.H., Grade 11)

  • Absolutely outstanding! One of the best collections of qualified speakers I’ve ever heard in one place and time. I am thrilled that this topic is “snowballing” as I see it. The conference gave me absolute confidence in what I have believed for a long time. (M.D)

  • I have been intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually challenged—and my understanding of who God is has been considerably enlarged. I am not leaving after these days the same person I was when I arrived. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity! (M.D.)

  • I thank God for AiG. The ministry of ICR and AiG has helped establish my faith and empowered me to be a more effective apologist. The fellowship has been excellent, the instructional sessions informative and inspirational. (J.A)

  • The speakers were great. They were all obviously experts in their field and most importantly showed a proper respect for the authority of God’s Word. I thank God for the ministry of Answers in Genesis. It has done so much to strengthen my own faith. I want to take this and share it with as many people as I can. (B.W.)

AiG hopes to sponsor more of these educational events in the future in order to equip and train individuals to uphold the authority of God’s Word, to provide a reason for the hope that lies within them (1 Peter 3:15), and to ultimately point people toward the Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Web site will keep you informed and up-to-date on the development of these programs. In the meantime, check our events calendar to find out when AiG is coming to a city near you!


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