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Sometimes God uses the gospel’s most adamant opponents to unwittingly spread the truth. That was the case recently when a professor objected to a series of creationist articles published in the student newspaper at the University of the Fraser Valley, a public university near Vancouver, Canada.

Richard Peachey, vice president of the Creation Science Association of British Columbia (CSABC), and the first science graduate of the University of the Fraser Valley, was given an opportunity to submit a series of thirteen “advertorials” to Cascade News, the student newspaper. Peachey was free to choose the topic, so he focused on the controversy between creation and evolution—and provoked a whirlwind of response.

The most vocal opponent to Peachey’s work was Peter Raabe, a philosophy professor, who wrote eight letters to refute the articles. The attacks gave Peachey an opportunity to draft two additional articles responding directly to Raabe’s arguments, and ultimately Raabe expressed grudging thanks for some of Peachey’s corrections.

Along with Raabe, some newspaper staff were hostile. Many students wrote columns either protesting Peachey’s words or dismissing the whole controversy as a waste of time. In contrast, one young person got so excited that he is now helping arrange six on-campus lectures by the CSABC.

The president of CSABC, George Pearce, teaches an origins science course he developed. The course is offered online, for credit, by Anchor Academy ( and is open to any student in British Columbia. It considers the origin of species from both evolutionary and creationist frameworks. By seeing how different starting points lead to different conclusions, students learn how to analyze ideas critically and see how starting assumptions influence their conclusions.

The CSABC is helping people understand that true science is founded on Scripture. By standing boldly on God’s Word and refusing to sit idle while false interpretations are taught as truth, people like Pearce and Peachey are reaching out to the lost and helping prepare their hearts to hear the gospel of Christ.

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