Best of 2009


Praise God for the great things He has done this year!

As we at Answers in Genesis eagerly anticipate the great things that God will accomplish in 2010, we must also pause to look back over the previous year and see His faithfulness.

Many have written, called, and emailed us to share how God is using the ministry of AiG in the lives of His people across the world. We are blessed and sincerely grateful for all of these encouraging words. Here we have compiled a selection of the feedback from 2009. May it encourage and uplift you, along with us, to hear how God has worked in this past year, knowing that He will continue to do the same. As 1 Peter 5:11 says, “To Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

We would love your feedback as well! If there’s a story, comment, question, or anything that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us.

Inspiration and Edification

Just wanted to say how much I love your site. I’ve spent half my life studying apologetics and using that information to present the gospel to friends, family, and co-workers, with mixed results.

Your site has been a constant source of inspiration and edification. Your use of logic, coherent arguments, and abosolute commitment to the infallability of God’s Word is second to none. My faith is strengthened every time I visit your site.

Please continue to wear the full armour of God, as I’m sure you know the attacks will go on. Stand firm in His Word and keep your hearts inclined toward Him and you will prevail.

Bless you all and your ministry. In His honour and for His glory.

—S.J.H., Australia

An Eternal Difference

Hello Mr. Ham,

I am a second year ministry student training to one day become a pastor. My parents and I visited the Creation Museum [recently]. I was expecting to be impressed, but I was blown away. Everything was so impressive from the exhibits to the theater presentation. This museum is making an eternal difference in the lives of many people because of people like you and those that work with Answers in Genesis. I pray every day for this ministry and that people will come to the Savior because of AIG’s efforts. . . . Thank You and God Bless.

—P.I., U.S.

A Fair Outreach

You guys rock!! I got so excited about the Kids’ Answers section in my latest [Answers] mag that I put up a booth at our (small) county fair about “Why do bad things happen?” and I used your materials—with the Kids’ Answers and your 4 Answers [Book] for Kids [volumes]. I pray that lots of people see it and go to the Bible for their answers about God and the Bible!! I cut out lots of photos of Micheal Jackson with a big “Why Do People Die?” on it and the front of your latest magazine that has the pear with the bite out of it that says “One Bite Changed Everything!,” Romans 5:12, etc., and I made a poster. KEEP IT UP with the great resources! . . . THANK YOU! Blessings!

—L.P., U.S.

Upholding the Truth

Thank you for the great responses to the skeptics and taunters. Where do these people come from? There must be a small handful who have nothing better to do than surf the web looking to spout their irrational views. They certainly do not represent most mainline Americans. In most cases you cannot reason with them even from scientific point of view. It seems that many of them are inadequately educated from a scientific viewpoint. It is apparent that this is a volitional issue and not a intellectual persuit of truth for these few people. In many cases they are attemmpting to rationalize some immoral or perverted lifestyle and AIG just stepped on their toes.

I understand that you must take time to give a reasonable answer to some of these folks. Psalm 119:41–43 admonishes us to answer those that taunt because we trust in His Word.

Thanks again for delightful reading as AIG upholds the truth of both Scripture and true science.

—Dr. B.G., U.S.

The Power of a Witness

I have a complaint!

Your chairs in the planetarium are TOO comfortable!! My wife claims I was snoring after a hard day of driving! Just kidding . . . we had a WONDERFUL time at the [Creation Museum]. We are Charter Members and FINALLY were able to come out. The gardens are magnificent! The staff friendly and helpful. What a GREAT and blessed time we had. Thank you all so much for your faithfulness in serving our Lord. It is such a GREAT witness to those who do not know Christ. Again, thank you so much for your vision. It has paid off!!! All the best to you in the remaining of this summer.

—K.W. and D.W., U.S.

No Greater Purpose


Please tell Ken Ham that it was because of his teaching on Genesis that my young son Rory has returned to the Lord. God gets the glory . . . love you all

—H.M., U.K.

Wonder and Thought

Our family visited the Creation Museum last spring and it was fabulous. It strengthened my personal belief and really gave me a picture of our creation and our Creator. We followed our Creation Museum visit with a visit to an aunt and uncle who are “old earth” non-Christians. We talked to them a little about the museum, and they had all kinds of disagreements, but we were able to ask questions of them that left them thinking a little and not angry and offended. I feel like it is because of the “attitude adjustment” that we took from the Creation Museum. I have a deep sense of wonder and amazement and curiosity after seeing the museum. I think that the questioning helps one to think for him- and herself.

—M.V., U.S.

All Taken Care Of

I recently bought a case of [the book] Already Gone and passed it out to friends and all of my pastors. My wife and I also led a biblical worldview group this summer—in which, we viewed the webcast State of the Nation.

We were not sure how the book or the information within the book would be received, but our Lord had it all taken care of . . . over the last two Sunday(s), the individual in charge of our youth ministry (who received a copy of the book), has spoken to the entire congregation about the importance of discipleship, having a biblical worldview, and each of our roles within the lives of our youth—utilizing facts and passages from the book.

It is truly awesome to see how God can get our attention! Thank you for such a timely book.

—S.N. and T.N., U.S.

Establishing a Foundation

I would like to just take the time to thank Mr Ken [Ham] as well as the rest of the staff of AiG. Your approach to reaching people with the Gospel is most definitely Spirit led. Your teachings have helped my wife and I establish a life and family of our own on a strong foundation. I thank the LORD that I have the clarity that I have now, and your teachings have helped clear that path of understanding. GOD bless all of you at AiG, and you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

—A.G., U.S.


We recently visited your Creation Museum and were absolutely overwhelmed! I think it is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and we are recommending it to everyone we can—especially those with young families. Every part of the museum displays, theater programs, lecture, all of it was way beyond our expectations. God Bless You-The Creation Museum is a bit of paradise on earth and the Lord’s presence is felt there

—S.F., U.S.

Get the Message

I wanted to thank you for all of your research with AIG and for all the available teaching tools. I have a small group in my small town in NC and we are studying race now. I just want to say Thank you. My group is called TRUTH and I use a lot of your books as resources for what I teach along with the bible of course. I totally get what your message is with getting people to truly understand the true history of the earth and the people in it. God Bless you and AIG.

—L.M., U.S.


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