Another Major Paper Highlights AiG’s Influence!

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The Cincinnati Post on January 22 spotlighted AiG with a balanced and well-written article that explored how the various outreaches of AiG are having an effect throughout the country.

After receiving international (The Times of London) and national (go alt="New York Times">2284) coverage last month, the hometown newspaper of Answers in Genesis featured a front-page, in-depth story on AiG entitled “Creationists gain national prominence.”

The Cincinnati Post on January 22 spotlighted AiG—which is based just south of Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky—with a balanced and well-written article that explored how the various outreaches of AiG are having an effect throughout the country, even though the ministry is just 6 years old. Although we appreciate the fact that the paper’s coverage was much more accurate than the London Times’ piece (which was riddled with factual errors) and was not mocking like the New York Times’ article, AiG, for the record, wants to clarify/correct just a few points:

  1. AiG’s web site actually received over 1,300 additional “user sessions” on the day the NY Times’ article ran, not 1,000 “hits”. In fact, the final count at the end of the day revealed that our web site received a total of 4,586 visitors who were responsible for 40,463 hits.
  2. More than 160,000 copies of our new book “Refuting Evolution” have been ordered by AiG supporters to distribute to public school students and teachers nationwide, not 60,000.
  3. An evolutionist researcher from the University of Cincinnati who was interviewed by the Post erroneously claimed that the state of Kansas had removed evolution from the state’s curriculum. He obviously has not done his research—the new standards approved in Kansas refers to macro-evolution in many sections (e.g., on p. 79 it states that students in grades 9-12 are expected to know “biological evolution”).
  4. While the author of the Post article was not inaccurate when he wrote that AiG’s future neighbors are trying to stop a rezoning of 47 acres as the site of AiG’s new museum and headquarters, it should be noted that the most vocal of the few opponents lives 2.3 miles away (she is thus hardly a neighbor, and is seeking to censor AiG mostly because of its Biblical stand), and that many neighbors are actually supportive of AiG moving in.

By comparing the articles written about AiG in the world’s leading English-language newspaper (The Times of London) and America’s “newspaper of record” (The N.Y. Times) to the January 22 piece in The Cincinnati Post, the Post story is the much better example of journalistic effort. It demonstrates that a fair and generally accurate story can be written on this controversial and sometimes confusing topic of creation vs. evolution. We applaud Steve Huba’s reporting.


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