AiG-US Is Approved for Listing in Combined Federal Campaign

on ; last featured December 1, 2017

Answers in Genesis-US has received approval to participate in the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the annual fundraising drive conducted by US federal employees in their workplace each fall. Each year US federal employees and military personnel raise millions of dollars through the CFC for the benefit of non-profit charities. AiG’s name will be appear in the 2017 listing of ‘National/International Organizations,’ which will be published in each local campaign brochure. The campaign will give US federal employees and military personnel the opportunity to financially support the ministry by payroll deduction.

Organizations wishing to participate in the CFC must submit an application on an annual basis to the Office of CFC Operations, United States Office of Personnel Management. The ‘National/International’ designation is for organizations that provided services in a least 15 states or one foreign country in the previous three years. Since AiG’s activities far exceeded these requirements, the ministry’s application to participate in the campaign was readily approved for this special listing.

Over the last two years, AiG-US had received a number of phone calls and letters from supporters employed by the federal government or serving in the United States military, encouraging the ministry to apply for listing and participate in the CFC program. Now we have pleasure of notifying those supporters about this good news! Thanks for all your prayers! The CFC identification number donors will use to designate their contribution to Answers in Genesis is 10259.


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