AiG Makes a Big Splash in The Netherlands’ Largest Christian Paper


The largest Christian newspaper in the Netherlands, Reformatorisch Dagblad (Reformation Journal), published an extensive interview with visiting AiG-UK speaker Philip Bell. The newspaper headline read: “"We have a reasonable belief"—Philip Bell denounces increased critiques of the Scriptures in Bible-believing circles.”

“Christians over there told me that the interview was somewhat unusual,” Philip says. “The reporter just ‘allowed me to speak’ in the article, with no caveats. Basically, the journalist who interviewed me let me give the relevance message at length, including addressing many of the key questions that we so frequently hear at AiG!”

At the time of the interview, Philip was in the midst of a week-long youth camp—capping off an exciting speaking tour in the country. “It was a thoroughly rewarding ministry trip to the Netherlands,” Philip later reported, “which involved a week-long youth camp, church meetings, a lecture at a Reformed Christian college, a radio interview and two newspaper interviews. Many people were encouraged and challenged to uphold the authority of Scripture from the very first verse!

Philip Bell

“It was a truly a privilege to share with so many Dutch people that the Bible has answers to their nagging questions about dinosaurs, the length of the Creation Days, the origin of so-called ‘races’ and so on—when we accept the real history in Genesis. After I spoke at the International Baptist Church at Eindhoven, one man shook my hand warmly. He was so grateful that doubts and questions that he’d had for around ten years had been finally answered—he and his wife stood there beaming! Praise the Lord!”

Since he was hired last July, Philip has proven to be an invaluable assistant to the AiG–UK ministry. He serves as a speaker, writer and researcher. Perhaps you’ve even heard from him, too—he also answers technical inquiries.


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