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AiG in Dynamic Partnership to Distribute Gospel Literature!


Ken Ham recently met with representatives of two ministries to agree on joint efforts to more effectively distribute AiG’s foreign-language materials.

It was an historic day in the international outreach of Answers in Genesis when executive director Ken Ham recently met with representatives of two ministries to agree on joint efforts to more effectively distribute AiG’s foreign-language materials (including having even more literature translated into many new languages) throughout dozens of new countries.

This expanded commitment by AiG to carry out the Great Commission worldwide joins many current international “creation evangelism” outreaches:

  • a radio program, “Answers…with Ken Ham,” heard in Europe, South Africa, and Australia.
  • a magazine, Creation, with subscribers in 140 nations (and now a new Spanish-language edition, Creacion).
  • international speaking tours (Ken Ham is currently in England).
  • offices in England, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Canada.
  • and books and booklets being translated into 20 languages (materials in 13 languages are already completed).

It is that last category that was the focal point of March 15 discussions with Dr. Mark Jackson of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) and Dr. David Crandall of GARBC’s sister ministry Gospel Literature Services (GLS). Their vast network of global contacts will enable AiG not only to find additional qualified translators for its Bible-upholding materials (GLS has workers in 104 countries), but also see new channels opened up to AiG’s gospel-proclaiming resources. In fact, last year Dr. Jackson and Dr. Crandall saw nine boxes full of AiG’s Russian-language materials (like The Answers Book) be “gobbled up” by Ukrainian pastors, and came back to America even more committed to see thousands of additional AiG books and booklets shipped to several former Soviet Union countries (and to other nations as well). Dr. Crandall recently took AiG’s new book One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism to English-speaking pastors in Jamaica. Pastoral interest in AiG’s other materials was also very high.

This year, GLS will distribute about 20-million pieces of gospel literature!


From left: Carl Kerby, Dr. Mark Jackson, Ken Ham, Dr. David Crandall

At the March 15 meeting held at AiG’s headquarters, where AiG board member Carl Kerby participated, it was agreed that:

  1. AiG will donate thousands of its booklets and books—printed in various languages—to GLS for distribution at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia this summer. AiG will also be developing new tracts and booklets to give away at the Summer Olympics.
  2. AiG can use some of the 57 translators available at GLS to undertake the task of translating more of AiG’s materials. Dr. Crandall is already sending Ken Ham’s book One Blood to these translators. He is urging them to translate this book first because of the wide appeal it should have.
  3. AiG will donate many more of its translated books and booklets to GLS and its associated missionary groups, as well as to GARB churches who conduct short-term missions trips overseas.

If you or someone you know has “recent, native” fluency in another language in addition to English, and possesses excellent writing skills and knowledge of grammar in both languages (and with access to a computer and an email address), send us an email if you are interested in joining this wonderful “creation evangelism” outreach to the world!

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