AiG Hires ‘Cave Man!’


AiG's newest employee is one of the world's leading authorities on the geology of caves, Dr Emil Silvestru of Romania.

AiG's newest employee is one of the world's leading authorities on the geology of caves, Dr Emil Silvestru of Romania. Both the American and Australian offices of Answers in Genesis are sharing in paying his salary, enabling him to continue his 'ground-breaking' research and lecture tours in Eastern Europe.

Dr Silvestru, who holds a Ph.D. from the Babes-Bolyai University in Romania-where he worked as an associate professor-has published more than 20 scientific papers. Until recently, he was the head scientist at the world's first speleological institute (speleology is the study of caves).

In our Creation magazine interview with Dr Silvestru, he declared that he once 'believed the atheistic dogma I had been taught. It was through my scientific work that I came to realize that the order and beauty with which the world is built couldn't possibly come from chaos and randomness-I was sure there was a Designer.'

His wife, a prominent Romanian athlete, was a believer, and Dr Silvestru started attending his wife's church. In church one day, he received the Lord as his Savior, and the long years of his wife's prayers were answered.

Once he became a Christian, he knew that he had to 'tune up' his scientific knowledge with the Bible. He quickly gave up the idea that the Earth was billions of years old. Creation magazine and other written materials, especially the Technical Journal helped him realize that geological features we see around the world today could have happened rather quickly, and that things like caves did not require millions of years to form.

Dr Silvestru declares that caves are post-Flood in origin, meaning that, at the most, they can only be 4,500 years in age. He has also shown through his research that stalagmites in caves do not require a long time to form.

In addition to his research and writing duties for AiG, he is finding additional opportunities to spread the Creation/Gospel message. In a recent e-mail to AiG, for example, he reported on a lecture tour of Romanian universities, museums, libraries, and Bible schools:

I remembered that in communist times, the regime had organized regular lectures by various academics aiming to 'save' the poorly educated peasants from Christian(ity). I told myself it was about time to start a reverse 'crusade'-going into the main academic towns and talk about scientific creationism and how the evolutionary fraud was, and still is, forced upon young people.

I had the enormous joy of discovering how much young people in Romania are attracted by the absolutely new (for them) ideas of creationism…there was a conscience left under the evolutionist brain-prosthesis! None of this would have been possible if AiG wouldn't have provided this entirely new kind of life for me-full-time creationist researcher and now lecturer. I hope you can (sense) the joy/hope that all of this is bringing to my heart. -Dr Emil Silvestru

Note: This world leader in geological research receives all of his salary and funding through Answers in Genesis. To donate to AiG's general fund, which helps to pay these expenses, you can donate online.


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