AiG Featured by ABC!


A major story on AiG and its proposed Creation Museum is currently on the website of the ABC-TV network in America (

AiG found the article to be generally fair and balanced. It quoted AiG executive director Ken Ham extensively, and quoted him accurately. AiG is rejoicing that the message of the authority and accuracy of the Bible could be presented on this heavily visited website.

ABC highlighted the answers that AiG offers to explain dinosaur history, which helps us counter much of the evolutionary propaganda about dinosaurs that is so prevalent today in the media (including Sunday evening’s “Walking with Dinosaurs” special on the Discovery Channel).

The ABC article, entitled “Biblical Museum Full of Dinosaurs—Creationism Comes to Life,” is on the April 17 “Science” page of at (click on the word “Science” on the site’s left side, and then look for the title “Biblical Museum”).

After April 17, this article on AiG should be archived on the website in the “Science” section.


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