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This week's positive feedback is from J.Y. of Wyoming, USA.

This week's positive feedback is from J.Y. of Wyoming, USA. Looking for educational resources? Please see AiG's Creation Education Center!

I just want you guys to know that you are an awesome resource. I sited you many times in my recent Biology Lab report on evolution. My Biology teacher is a die-hard evolutionist and a really smart man. He claims evolution is fact and deep down I knew he was wrong but proving it was hard. It was awesome to have your website as such a truthful resource. I go to college here in Wyoming and it is filled with people who don't belive in Creation. It is really discouraging at times but I have managed having AIG at my side. Thank you so much! I am thinking about trying to go to Clearwater Christian college just so I can study after you guys in Biology and become a medical doctor. I think that is where God wants me and we will see. Thank you so much again! Good luck with the Museum, I can't wait to be there. God Bless


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