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One person shares about getting "Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium"

This week's positive feedback is from R.B. of Canada.
Reaching Today's Society with the Gospel!

Why Won’t They Listen?Why Won’t They Listen? (Formerly: Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium)
Ken Ham

This revolutionary book has already opened the eyes of thousands of Christians showing why the traditional methods of evangelism are not reaching today’s humanistic, evolutionized culture. By applying proven soul-winning methods as found in the Scriptures, this book will revolutionize your witnessing.>
(High School - Adult)
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Dear AIG,

About two years ago I sent a note to M. Ham telling him how much his teaching has transformed our family. Yesterday I received in the mail a copy of "CREATION EVANGELISM for the new MILLENNIUM" and on page 150 I found my note! It was honoring to all of us and especially for my son Luke who is quoted saying "thank you Jesus that you made me". We are expecting our fifth child in the coming weeks and he or she will be trained to be part of the next generation of (homeschooled) creationnists. Thank you for holding the flame high and bright.



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