ABC-TV Australia Visits AiG!


Australian TV sent a camera crew to AiG’s Cincinnati-area offices earlier this month.

Australian TV sent a camera crew to AiG's Cincinnati-area offices earlier this month. The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) spent an hour interviewing AiG's president Ken Ham on the decision by Kansas' schools to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution. The broadcast date in Australia has been rescheduled for October 10th or 17th at 7pm (nationwide).

Ukrainian creationist tours AIG!

Sergei Golovin of Ukraine (formerly a part of the Soviet Union) met with Ken Ham on August 30 to discuss ways to more effectively get the creation/gospel message heard in his homeland. Mr. Golovin, a geophysicist, left with several AIG-donated books and tapes (including some in the Russian language). He also departed with ideas on how his organization, The Christian Center for Science and Apologetics can use AiG materials to challenge his country to accept Genesis (and the Creator, Jesus Christ) and to reject evolutionary humanism.


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