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One of the most stirring presentations recently given to the Answers in Genesis staff was delivered by Dr. Russell D. Moore.

One of the great blessings the AiG-USA staff and volunteers receive on a regular basis is to hear a pastor or other Christian leader share particular insights from the Word of God during an all-staff meeting that starts off the work day. These special visits are usually made by pastors, but sometimes they feature Christian leaders who are involved in vital, Bible-proclaiming ministries.

Dr. Russell D. Moore

One of the most stirring presentations recently given to the staff was delivered by Dr. Russell D. Moore, academic dean of the School of Theology and senior vice president for Academic Administration at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (in Louisville, Kentucky, about 90 miles from AiG’s new headquarters).

In an interview Dr. Moore conducted with Mark Looy (CCO of AiG-USA) while visiting that day, one of the thrilling observations Dr. Moore shared with us is that unlike almost all other USA denominations, the Southern Baptist Convention is making a concerted effort to return to the full authority of the Word of God. Some 25-30 years ago, so-called “moderate” leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention were dragging their colleges, universities and associated ministries away from full biblical inerrancy (especially regarding the book of Genesis). However, through the strong efforts of leaders in the Convention like Dr. Adrian Rogers of Tennessee (who has hosted Ken Ham, AiG-USA president, twice in his pulpit) and several others, there has been a strong push to install leaders in the Convention’s Bible colleges and universities who believe in and unashamedly promote a biblical worldview. While there are still some institutions that have a long way to go in this regard, there continue to be many hopeful signs that the general move towards theological conservatism remains strong.


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