The one-of-a-kind, evangelistic Creation Museum to open soon

AiG Reaches $27 Million Construction-Fund Goal


Answers in Genesis has raised the necessary $27 million in donations to cover the costs associated with the design and construction of its new Creation Museum and its displays.1 While AiG is raising the significant funds still needed for the operating costs of opening and then maintaining a quality museum, the construction-fund goal has been reached.

Located on I-275 at exit 11, just 7 miles west of the Cincinnati Airport (directions), the hi-tech 65,000-square-foot center, which will demonstrate the Bible’s authority in all matters—including science—is scheduled to open to the public during the week of May 28.

“We made a commitment to our amazing network of generous supporters—thousands of whom live 2,000 miles away on the West Coast—that the Creation Museum would be open when we fully raised the $27 million for the building and its exhibits,” said Ken Ham, AiG president. “We are thankful for their partnership in this unique endeavor. At last, there is a quality, family-friendly place—with state-of-the-art exhibits and striking videos—where parents can bring their children to learn the biblical viewpoint of the history of the world.”

AiG already has 8,500 charter members, which is in addition to tens of thousands of donors who have provided one or more gifts. Many supporters have also given of their resources or time by donating construction materials and volunteering their labor and skills.

AiG will employ an additional 80 employees to work in the Creation Museum and its planetarium, who are currently training in a variety of positions, from maintenance and housekeeping to bookstore staffing and guest relations. Also, there are dozens of area volunteers who will be providing additional support throughout the museum, especially during peak periods.

“We’re also encouraged by the huge media interest the Creation Museum has generated in the United States and abroad before it even opens,” said Mark Looy, AiG’s CCO. “In fact, media personnel from many of the networks and larger news outlets have already visited the site to interview ministry leadership and photograph the museum during the construction process.”

A partial list of extensive national and international media outlets that have already produced feature stories about the Creation Museum include NBC (Nightly News with Brian Williams); CNN (Anderson Cooper 360° and Paula Zahn Now); PBS (News Hour with Jim Lehrer); the BBC; the Finnish Broadcasting Corp.; the Australian Broadcasting Corp.; and El Pais (Spain); Newsweek; The New York Times; The Washington Post; The Times of London; and Discover Magazine. (A future AiG web article will report on the widespread international media coverage the museum has been receiving before the grand opening.)

With a total staff soon to exceed 300, AiG conducts more than 300 teaching events each year; hosts an award-winning website (with up to 30,000 visitors per day); publishes the Answers magazine, with a paid circulation of 50,000, and produces the syndicated Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program heard on more than 860 stations throughout the United States.

In recent weeks, with the addition of so many new museum staff and the desire to generate more paid publicity for the museum (e.g., billboards, TV spots, newspaper inserts, etc.), AiG has seen many supporters continue to donate to the museum project for funds needed above the $27 million construction price tag in order to completely fund every aspect of the project (other major operating costs include landscaping the museum’s 49 acres, upkeep and cleaning of the museum and its exhibits, etc.). We trust that the revenue generated at the museum and its associated bookstore will make the center self-sufficient soon.

AiG wants to thank all of our supporters around the world who continue as partners with us in this God-honoring project. We ask for continued prayer in these last stages, and, once complete, that the Lord will use the Creation Museum and AiG to reach the world for Christ.


  1. This web article was adapted from a May 7 news release that was sent to national media outlets around the United States. Feel free to forward this web article to your church leadership, and perhaps your local media (with your words of endorsement). Media interviews with AiG staff about the Creation Museum can be coordinated through our publicists in Dallas (ALRC) by calling (972) 267-1111.


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