The half was not told

by Ken Ham on April 17, 2007

I’ve been amazed at the phenomenal interest that the secular media have expressed recently about our Creation Museum (set to open on May 28). For instance, on one particular Friday, we received 11 different calls or emails from media from Brazil, Switzerland, and, of course, the USA (including The New York Times).

The most unusual “press” interview occurred with HBO comedian/commentator Bill Maher (and formerly with the TV program Politically Incorrect). As I wrote in my monthly letter to supporters a few weeks ago, Maher “sneaked” into the AiG office to interview me.

Recently as well, America’s leading anti-creationist, Dr. Eugenie Scott, (head of the National Center for Science Education) accompanied a BBC reporter as a part of a special program on creation/evolution.

Soon after, a reporter for the Russian language version of Newsweek spent two hours with me in my office. And about the same time, a travel reporter with The New York Times interviewed me for an article on new evolution exhibits in major museums around America (in New York City, Chicago, Boston, etc.) and how our Creation Museum compared to them.

The media list could go on and on—and I expect the media coverage will only greatly increase the closer we get to the museum’s opening.

There’s something I’ve heard over and over again from various members of the secular media that has been highly encouraging to me. It usually takes the form of a comment they almost always make: “We heard this was a quality place, but we didn’t realize it was so first class. Such quality. So professional.”

The reporters often continue with words like: “I’d say the quality rivals anything you’d see at leading museums and even theme parks. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with your message, but congratulations on how you’ve presented it.”

As I think back on such comments, I am reminded of the account of the Queen of Sheba when she visited Solomon. Now, in no way are we comparing ourselves with the works accomplished by Solomon (e.g., the magnificent palace he built) or his great wisdom. But the Queen of Sheba, as recorded in 2 Chronicles 9:6, said: “ . . . and indeed the half of the greatness of your wisdom was not told me.

To me, it’s so exciting—so honoring to the God of Creation—that the secular world is congratulating AiG and its talented museum staff on the professionalism of what has been done here. The quality helps people take our message more seriously that the Bible is true, and that the gospel message of Jesus Christ is also true.

When you visit us in a few weeks or months, I believe you, too, will make a comment similar to the Queen of Sheba’s. While you may have been following the construction of the museum through this newsletter or on our website, until you have visited, I think it will surprise you with what God has blessed us with here.

People have declared, “Wow—we didn’t know it was like this!” Indeed, there is no way you can fully grasp what this place is like until you come and visit—“the half ... was not told me.” You have to experience it.

I often think of my late father when I walk through the Creation Museum and consider the quality of what’s been done by Patrick Marsh and his gifted crew. My father, you see, always instilled in us as children that “whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men” (Colossians 3:23).

I hope you will come soon and experience this great thing the Lord has done at the Creation Museum.

May I make a suggestion about timing? Of course, you can visit when the doors open in late May, but I want to recommend something to you: bring your family to our family camp in July (only about 30 miles from the museum) and also visit the museum. Attending this conference and visiting our museum would be a terrific one-two combination (fulltime registration for the family camp includes free admission to the museum that week and the year to follow).

At family camp, you’ll be presented with great apologetics teaching, which will equip you and your family (by the way, why not invite your pastor?) to defend your faith in today’s secularized world. We have a great line-up of speakers, including Brian Edwards of England.

So ... plan to visit the Creation Museum and get ready for your “Queen of Sheba” experience!


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