The Creation Temple?

on August 1, 2009
Featured in News to Know

Love us or hate us, the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum continues to attract media attention, popular fascination, and widespread misperception.

Time magazine is taking its annual, state-by-state look at “authentic American experiences,” and we’re pleased to report that our Creation Museum made the list as Kentucky’s representative (though the museum is located just a few miles from both Indiana and Ohio as well).

Our Creation Museum made the list as Kentucky’s representative.

The brief summary thankfully gets the facts straight, albeit with two slight digs (though we expect as much or more usually). First, there’s the reference to the Creation Museum as “almost a contradiction in terms.” At least they said almost; still, we must point out that ours is a top-quality museum by any dictionary definition of the word. We also think of the Creation Museum as first and foremost a museum of history, though it addresses scientific issues throughout (by necessity, since much of the history concerns the origin and development of life, the earth, etc.).

As for the second dig, our museum is called a “temple to a particularly narrow interpretation of the Bible.” We beg to differ (one of the points we make in the museum); rather, our plain-reading, uncompromised interpretation of Scripture is the same that the vast majority of church fathers and historical Christians accepted, up through much of the nineteenth century; it is also what Jesus taught. Of course, for all we know the Time writer may consider a literal Resurrection to be a “narrow interpretation” as well.

Nonetheless, the blurb labels the museum “sparkling new” and—while noting that “plenty of people dismiss its contents as bunk”—ultimately concludes, “You'll just have to judge for yourself.” Fair enough; we will accept the publicity (and the link to our recently redesigned Creation Museum website) and trust God to continue to send us visitors—more than 800,000 so far, in just over two years since the grand opening, praise God.

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