Will You Be Bold for God’s Word and the Gospel?

by Ken Ham on March 21, 2011
Featured in Letter from Ken

It’s good to be reminded of some remarkable events that have shown us how God has truly blessed this creation/gospel ministry.

Auditorium full of people

It’s good to be reminded of some remarkable events that have shown us how God has truly blessed this creation/gospel ministry.

We have been working with our marketing consultants at Joseph David Advertising (a Christian company that has dedicated a lot of time to getting out the messages of this ministry) for a new series of TV (and online) video ads promoting the Creation Museum. As we were working on the TV scripts, I was reminded of statements made by leading news sources about the Creation Museum:

“The museum, a 60,000 square foot menace to 21st century scientific advancement is the handiwork of Answers in Genesis.” (Los Angeles Times, 5/24/07)

“The museum may be the biggest collection of kitsch in God’s entire world.” (Vanity Fair, 2/10)

“The Creation Museum is more frightening than Disney’s Haunted Mansion.” (Architectural Record, 6/08)

The irony is that this sort of opposition helped advertise the Creation Museum to so many people! Since 2007 (and 1.25 million visitors later), we continue to see people from all across America and around the world visit the museum. And in our new TV/video ad, those hostile statements from the secular media will again be used to promote this God-honoring facility!

In one of the TV commercials, people will hear a voice saying (with visuals on the screen):

The LA Times calls the Creation Museum a ‘60,000 square foot menace to 21st century scientific advancement.’ Vanity Fair calls it ‘the biggest collection of kitsch in God’s entire world.’ Architectural Record says it’s more ‘frightening than Disney’s Haunted Mansion.’

And then they will hear me say:

“There are nearly 200 natural history museums that teach evolution, so why is the media so hateful to our museum that teaches creation from a biblical perspective? Think for yourself, and prepare to believe.”

What They Intend for Evil . . .

When I read media articles attacking AiG and the museum, as well as opposing our proposed full-size Noah’s Ark, I am continually reminded of this verse in Scripture:

“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive” (Genesis 50:20).

It is interesting that once again we are seeing secularists who are now making statements that they intend for evil. Yet the more they make such hostile comments, the more I hear from our “troops” (our supporters) rallying around us. AiG supporters like you see how much the enemy hates what we are doing.

Ken Ham speaking with children

What’s the True Child Abuse?

More and more we are seeing secularists accusing AiG of “child abuse” with our Bible-affirming teachings. Just recently, I put up a short video on my Facebook page where I was teaching children about dinosaurs at a recent conference in Wisconsin. Some secularists responded with charges of “child abuse.” Here are just a few representative comments that have appeared on the web (we have the references on file in our office):

Intellectual child abuser Ken Ham doesn’t like being called that.
For his child abuse on a massive scale (Answers in Stupidity, Magical Creationism Museum, preaching [expletive deleted] in churches), I vote for world-class [expletive deleted] and subhuman Ken Ham.
Ken Ham is proud that he is retarding the education of innocent vulnerable minds whom will later require years of remedial education should they choose to take a career in the sciences . . . . This is child abuse. It needs to end.
It’s child abuse. And every adult in that [conference] room is unwittingly guilty of it.
I hate Ken Ham. I’m not going to be nice or PC about this. The man is a disaster for the world and for the state of Kentucky. He and his creation museum and ark theme park make me fear for my state.

As we continue to reach millions of adults and children with the creation/gospel message, the secularists absolutely hate it! But we must continue, as the enemies of the gospel want to destroy the lives of these children. They want to point them away from the Bible’s teachings.

Amazing Impact and Growth

Despite all this opposition and nasty, profane words, I also want to share some real exciting news. It will encourage you concerning how God is blessing AiG:

  • In 2010, the Answers in Genesis main website had more than 10 million visits for the first time (10,225,465 visits, previously 8,726,503—a 17% growth) from more than 5 million unique visitors (5,445,617 unique visitors, previously 4,650,206—a 17% growth).
  • The Creation Museum website had more than 1 million visits for the first time (1,079,290 visits, previously 899,890—a 19.9% growth).
  • The Answers Vacation Bible School (VBS) website had more than 100,000 visits for the first time (110,767 visits, previously 34,231—a 223% growth), with almost half a million page views (476,551 page views, previously 122,301—a 289% growth).

Many other areas of our apologetics ministry are also seeing tremendous impact and growth. Consider these wonderful words in an email sent to us from a senior pastor, received after an Answers Conference was recently held at his church:

“Tell your board a huge thanks from all of us little guys. You and your team were a shot in the arm of spiritual energy, hope, and confidence in the authority of the Word and the sheer power and awesome glory of the gospel.

“You and your board have launched out with God-sized vision that demands God-sized faith. We all need it but often the rest of us are content to be in the kiddie pool of life. Actually we are fearful and have grown comfortable with our little safe visions that don’t demand much courage or faith.

“Your unbelievable boldness (and that of the board) in going to build an ark may do as much to rescue the church from ourselves as it will to reach the Lost.

“Tell them again that all of us ‘no-name guys’ out there are counting on them and have been strengthened to greater faith and courage. [The AiG Conference] breathed new life and gospel energy into us.”

Well, we are definitely all about boldly proclaiming the authority of God’s Word and the vital creation/gospel message!

Please join us. Be bold for God’s Word and the gospel! If the Lord has made an impact in your life through the Answers in Genesis ministry, please let me know!

One more thing: pray for our ministry. AiG is under constant attack from the Enemy. Pray that the Lord would continue to use what “men mean for evil” for His good, so that many may be saved.


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