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A special matching opportunity

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AiG and the Creation Museum need your help in sharing the gospel message with even more people.

Family at the Creation Museum

I believe we’re missing out on a unique and phenomenal opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to reach thousands and thousands of people—and churches—in a most powerful way: to challenge them and equip them with the creation/gospel message. The hunger for that message is very real: since we opened the Creation Museum 12 months ago, 400,000 guests have visited and been influenced by our high-tech exhibits.

But I’m keenly aware that what we’re doing is not enough. There is nothing like a live speaker to make the maximum impact on a large number of people—people who might never step inside a church or attend a creation conference. However, the small auditorium space at the museum painfully limits the number of people our expert speakers can reach.

Visitors come to the Creation Museum from churches that are reluctant to allow us to speak there or may never have the opportunity to have an AiG speaker. Non-Christians come to the museum, but most would never dream of attending a church or a creation conference. A live presenter in conjunction with the Creation Museum exhibits takes the creation/gospel message to an even higher level, resulting in an even more powerful impact on our guests. Every time AiG speakers use our current Special Effects Theater to make an extra presentation:

  • Most who attend the teaching sessions could never have heard an AiG speaker “live” in any other venue.
  • Even non-Christians attend these sessions.
  • Christians who don’t believe in taking all of Genesis chapters 1–11 as literal history attend—and are challenged by what they hear.
  • On teaching session days, many more resources are picked up in the bookstore. So, we know people are inspired to spread the message further.

Many go home and ask their church to host an AiG program, challenge their pastor to take a stand on God’s Word beginning in Genesis, or obtain curricula to teach in their church.

But the theater only seats 200 people, and we can only use it part of the time. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary at the Creation Museum, and—with over 400,000 guests God has sent us so far—clearly, a 200-seat auditorium isn’t enough!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” God said through Hosea (4:6).

So, we’ve come up with a solution. Build a multi-purpose auditorium attached to the Creation Museum—one that can seat several hundred people at a time, one that’s available every day, all year long. This new facility will cost about $1.5 million to build. But great news! Two of our good friends have offered to match every gift we receive, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $450,000. The new auditorium—seating several hundred—will help challenge and equip tens of thousands more people with the creation/gospel message. Please send your most generous gift today, and it will be doubled by the Matching Gift of $450,000 to support this and other core ministries at AiG!

How Can You Help and Have Your Gift Matched?

Donate now.

If you are led to help us with a gift, whatever the amount, its value will be doubled by the Matching Gift. Please indicate MATCH in the comments section when you make your online gift. Or note it in the memo line if you choose to mail in a check.

The $900,000 we’ll raise if we can take full advantage of this generous offer will cover the majority of the cost of the construction! Imagine the impact!

Thank you for considering to help us in this exciting matching gift opportunity. You can conveniently donate by:

  • going to our secure donation page and typing in MATCH in the comments section to designate your gift to be matched)
  • calling AiG to make a credit card or stock donation at 1-800-778-3390 (toll-free, M–F, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. EST).
  • Stewardship and Accountability

    AiG wants its supporters to be able to give to the ministry with confidence. Here are a couple of noteworthy items helping us reach that goal:

    • ECFA Member—Answers in Genesis is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and annually submits audited financial statements and a 990 tax return.
    • Top 30 List of Exemplary Ministries—For the third year in a row, AiG has been named to the “Shining Lights Top 30 List of Exemplary Ministries” by, an independent ministry rating group that helps donors be good stewards of the resources God has given them.


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