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Interview with Creation Museum designer Patrick Marsh


The Lord has blessed AiG’s Creation Museum project with the addition of Patrick Marsh.

The Lord has blessed AiG's Creation Museum project with the addition of Patrick Marsh, the world-renowned art director who did the scenic design for the 'Jaws' and 'King Kong' attractions at Universal Studios in Florida, USA. (See “King Kong Loose at AiG?” for more information.) Recently, we had an opportunity to interview Patrick about his plans and dreams.1

See Patrick's concept of what the museum lobby may look like.

What were your favorite subjects in school?

All my life I have been interested in creating things. I grew up in a creative home. My mother loved crafts, and my father loved tools. Both parents loved me and encouraged my creative desires. Art and music were my favorite subjects throughout elementary and high school and influenced everything I did. I was always building sets for musical plays, making gifts for friends and remodeling our house.

How did you become a creationist?

Because of my desire to create things, it was never possible for me to believe that life could just come from nothing. I know how much work and tears go into making something, and it does not come easily. Every living thing is so complex, so wonderful, so beautiful: each leaf, each insect, each person, each sunset.

God is 'in' everything all around us, and we have to be blind not to see that the world was purposefully made by a Designer who cares about everything. Every piece fits together so beautifully, and everything has its place and purpose.

How did becoming a creationist influence your life and work?

I love to camp and spend time in natural surroundings, and I have found that most people can see God's hand in creation. That has influenced how I see life and how I design. Really, most design in one form or another is inspired by nature. I design architectural environments, and love the use of natural colors, plants and materials: a special stone, a piece of driftwood, a few plants. Small things in a home or office make the environment come alive.

What can you tell us about plans for AiG's Creation Museum?

Seven C's
I know that our Creation Museum will be special. It will incorporate all the exciting techniques of theme park design with the best examples of museum design display from across the country. And it will be scientifically accurate! We are doing a lot of research because our message is so important.

One major difference from most museums will be our direction. The Creation Museum will tell the history of the Earth from the perspective of the Bible. Our perspective is that the Bible is true and we will show that God created the Earth in six literal days, and that man and dinosaurs roamed the Earth together. We will answer questions about where the races came from, where Cain got his wife, the age of the Earth and the fallacies of evolution. The Biblical story will be evident from the moment you step onto the museum property and will spread in outdoor exhibits and trails throughout the grounds.

God has blessed Answers in Genesis with dedicated hearts, sharp minds, creative talent, and evidence that we can use confidently to defend the Biblical account of Creation. What a blessing it is to use our talents for the glory of God in this project!

Do you have any advice for young people?1

If I can give any advice to young and old alike it would be this: be willing to see the truth, hold on to the truth, and do not be afraid of the truth. Trust the Word of God. When you put your hand in God's hand, nothing else matters. Nothing can hurt you. Let Him lead you and you will never go wrong. He will direct your paths and will provide for every need you have. He will show you how to live and where to go and what career paths to take. Read His Word, trust Him completely, and you will never be disappointed.

1 This interview was originally prepared for X-Nilo Files (vol. 4, #4), AiG's special newsletter produced for students in Creation Clubs.


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