Year-End Online Giving Update (2009)

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I am thrilled to update our ministry friends with the results of the online year-end giving campaign for 2009.

Dear friend of Answers in Genesis,

I am thrilled to update our ministry friends with the results of the online year-end giving campaign for 2009.

As I wrote in early December, we were blessed to have an AiG supporter offer to match dollar-for-dollar every gift that was made online until December 25—up to $225,000!

I am pleased to report that the matching gift goal was reached by December 26, and we were able to take full advantage of the matching gift offer. Although we were not able to reach the overall online giving goal of $750,000, we are still so grateful for the many gifts made by our supporters during the end-of-year campaign. May all praise and glory be given to the Lord for His provision through the generous donations of our supporters.

As you know, this is a ministry that “lives on the edge” day by day, trusting God to provide our daily needs. Your financial and prayerful support is a great encouragement to us as we step out in faith to spread the vital creation/gospel message.

If you are one of the many friends who participated in this year-end giving opportunity, then please accept my sincere gratitude for your support at this crucial time. Thank you!

As the ministry begins a new year, we are energized and passionate about the mission and the ministry opportunities that the Lord has put before us.

From the evangelistic outreach we will have at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver to the 18-month development of an entire apologetics/biblical authority/gospel-based curriculum for the church (kindergarten through adult), the Lord has provided incredible opportunities to reach thousands if not millions of people with the message of biblical authority and the gospel.

At a time of growing anti-Christian sentiment in this country, the light of the creation/gospel message is needed more than ever before. Answers in Genesis is a cutting-edge ministry for this time in history to be a vehicle to stand on the authority of the Word of God and unashamedly present the saving gospel message.

To help us proclaim this message, please consider a regular monthly gift. Visit our donation page and select the monthly donation option.

Thanks again for being a friend of this apologetics and evangelistic ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

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