Start the Year off with a Bang!

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Answers magazine starts the new year off with a bang. A really big bang!

Answers magazine starts the new year off with a bang. A really big bang! This expanded issue (116 pages), arriving in mailboxes now, exposes the fallacies of the big bang theory and shows compelling evidence for a young solar system. Astronomy lovers won’t want to miss this issue which includes many topics that are sure to please young and old alike.

The astronomy issue is a great one to give to friends, family members, libraries, and even non-Christians. Amateur astronomer, Steve Miller (also an author in this issue), plans to give many copies away during public star viewing parties he attends during the summer. He even sets up a creation book table with pamphlets, books, and magazines related to astronomy. For him, reaching astronomy enthusiasts who have been heavily influenced by evolutionary ideas is his mission field.

Here is a preview of the fascinating articles you can expect in the January–March 2008 issue:

  • “The Gospel Message—Written in the Stars?”—Is there any validity to the idea that God placed the gospel message in the stars? Danny Faulkner answers this important question.
  • “Straight Answers to Common Questions and Far-Out Claims about Astronomy”—Should Christians be concerned with redshifts, distant starlight, and Oort clouds? What are some of the outdated claims that Christians should avoid using when defending the Bible’s account of a young universe? Jason Lisle and Don DeYoung cover a lot of ground in these two articles.
  • “NASA—What Went Wrong?”—How have the motives behind space exploration changed over the years? Danny Faulkner gives a historical look at this organization’s changing mission.
  • “Do I Believe in UFO’s?”—Find out if Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham believes in them.
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  • “Dinosaur Killer”—Did a large comet or asteroid kill off the dinosaurs? Just how did this theory come about? Paul Taylor explores this topic in detail.
  • “Science Fiction—Not Just Entertainment?”—Is there more to science fiction than meets the eye? Carl Kerby takes you through his journey as he grew up loving stories about the final frontier—space.
  • “Finding the Right Telescope for You”—Amateur astronomer, Steve Martin, walks you through the things to consider before purchasing a telescope. Check out the various types of telescopes in the subscriber bonus video on (subscribers, use your unlock code when you receive your issue).
  • “Weird Physics”—Danny Faulkner teaches some fascinating things about quantum mechanics, relativity, and string theory.
  • “Black Holes”—Using various illustrations and analogies, Jason Lisle explains how black holes work in a way that can be easily grasped.
  • “Spacetime”—Jason Lisle explains how space, time, and matter are all examples of “three-in-ones” in nature in this eye-opening article.
  • “High and Dry Sea Creatures” — Dr. Andrew Snelling continues his ongoing series on the six main geologic evidences for the Genesis Flood.
  • Kids Answers—Children of all ages will love learning more about space exploration in this special pull-out section. A stunning view of our solar system’s planets is sure to find itself on children’s walls and in teacher’s classrooms.
  • Pull-out chart—Admire the beauty and wonder of our universe in this dazzling look at the various ornaments God placed in the heavens.
  • Be sure to check out the bonus material on, including a step-by-step article on growing your very own Venus Flytrap.

What about you? How will you help reach the lost with answers about astronomy this coming year? Remember, you don’t need to have all the answers yourself. You just need to know where to look.


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