Recognizing the Nye/Ham Evolution Debate a Year Later

Another Prestigious Award for AiG

NRB Award

The NRB awarded AiG with the “Best Multichannel Initiative” award in the Internet category.

Note: This article is slightly adapted from a news release that was distributed to the media today.

PETERSBURG, Ky., February 27, 2015 – Each year, the National Religious Broadcasters association presents a variety of awards to members for outstanding achievements in television, radio, Internet, and more. Because there are nearly 1,200 member organizations, it is considered an honor to be voted as the leader in any area. Over the years, Answers in Genesis has been privileged to have won top NRB awards, including best ministry website twice.

This year, AiG was chosen by the NRB to receive the “Best Multichannel Initiative” award in the Internet category. The award recognizes AiG’s excellence in efforts related to the famous evolution/creation debate held one year ago this month between Bill Nye (TV’s “the Science Guy”) and AiG president Ken Ham in “engaging people through the use of multichannel initiatives.” These included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites, television, and other media to promote and broadcast the well-watched event.

The Nye/Ham debate took place February 4, 2014, before a capacity crowd of both Christians and non-Christians in AiG’s Creation Museum and its 1,000-seat Legacy Hall. It was also streamed live via the web and in follow-up viewings to an estimated 15 million people. Meanwhile, social media buzzed with blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, videos, and so on, all centering on this “debate of the century.”

Ken Ham at the NRB convention

At this week’s International Christian Media convention of the NRB, Ham picked up the award at a special luncheon held at the sprawling Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville. Afterwards Ham stated, “With our talented and creative ministry teams embracing new technologies, AiG has been effective in using more and more channels to reach our unbelieving world with the gospel.” During his debate with Bill Nye, Ham clearly presented the gospel message.

The debate can be watched on YouTube. A book titled Inside the Nye/Ham Debate came out of the event.


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