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Here are excerpts of  a news release we distributed yesterday to the national media about our website:

For the second time in six years, Answers in Genesis has won the prestigious “Best Ministry Website” award from the 1,200 member NRB (National Religious Broadcasters).

“This award is presented to the website of a ministry that shows excellence in design and content, is creative in presentation, and is helping fulfill the ministry’s mission,” declared Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters. “Not only is attractive and easy-to-use, but its true hallmark is that AiG posts several new items to its site every day and they all relate to proclaiming the Bible’s accuracy and authority.”

Ken Ham, co-founder and CEO of AiG, paid tribute to his web team at Thursday’s staff chapel.

“One of the reasons we receive about 1 million web visitors a month is that we have a hard-working, creative team that refreshes our website every 24 hours with excellent content,” Ham said. “They are committed to proclaiming the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.”

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