Reaching Out to Scoffers in a Unique Way

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AiG was at NEA (National Education Association) convention this year, sharing the message of Biblical Authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You’ll never guess where AiG was this summer!

I’m about to tell you about a highly unusual opportunity to impact millions of students in our public schools with the life-changing creation/gospel message.

For the eighth year in a row, AiG staff (this year: our Ph.D. astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle, below in photo, and two computer specialists)-as well as a few supporters-spent three days in what could be called a “lion’s den”: the annual convention of the NEA (National Education Association) last month in Los Angeles.

Dr. Jason Lisle at the NEA Conference

A challenge? Yes. The NEA is one of the most anti-Christian lobby groups in the US-and is the world’s largest public education group (2.7 million members).

Through a unique, miraculous set of circumstances, we’re now able to reach thousands of public school teachers/educators at the NEA convention with the gospel. We help them understand the humanistic/evolutionary basis of public schooling.

About nine years ago, a public school teacher in Michigan was burdened to reach as many educators as possible with the truth of creation. So he set up a caucus called the “Creation Science Educators’ Caucus” … and each year he invited AiG to be at NEA under his banner, and to staff his booth and provide resources.

This year, our group (and I’m very proud of our staff and volunteers) had opportunities to speak personally with hundreds of educators and pass out thousands of creationist resources (funded by our supporters, as part of AiG’s unique ministry).

Over the Fourth of July weekend, they willingly gave up their holiday to hand out over 2,500 free DVDs, 2,000 free books, 2,000 free booklets and 500 free CD-ROMs to the teachers and other educators at the NEA meeting. Responses included:

  • “I am so tired of you people.”
  • “I don’t believe in fairy tales.”
  • “You idiots.”
  • “A young earth? Are you crazy?”

As the conversation continued, however, they often softened, as their “straw-man” perceptions of the creation model were challenged. They heard the truth-as revealed in God’s Word and confirmed by scientific research.

As we’ve discovered in past years, most have apparently never considered the scientific problems with evolution. It’s censored from students and educators. That’s why it’s so important for us to get information directly into their hands.

The more these men and women become informed correctly on these issues, the more opportunities there will be to reach generations with God’s Word.

As shown at the NEA meeting, the creation/evolution issue is emotional and volatile. The evolutionary humanists know that if students and teachers become informed, many will not continue to accept (or teach) evolution as fact.

Yes, some are openly hostile, but the message is getting out! Teachers are being challenged to reconsider their worldview. Sadly, though, evolution seems to provide a scientific justification for many to reject the authority of the Bible-and the gospel.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. But there’s so much more we could do.

One topic that’s used time and time again by scoffers (like those at the NEA meeting) to ridicule the Bible is Noah’s Ark and Flood. Whether it’s:

  • How did Noah fit all the animals-including dinosaurs-on board?
  • Where did the Flood waters come from-and where did they go?
  • Where’s the evidence of a global Flood?

… the skeptics keep trying to undermine our precious Christian faith. But our new booklet on Noah’s Ark and the Flood answers these and many other questions.

The new booklet is free for downloading-it’s yet another way for me to say “thank you” for visiting and using our information-filled website.

As you read the booklet, please also consider what you can do to support this active and bold ministry-one that’s engaged at the forefront of the spiritual battle for the souls of young people and adults.


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