Prayer Requests and Praises, May 2012


You may remember when the Creation Museum opened to the public on May 28, 2007. Well, that will be five years ago very soon! Praise the Lord for His continued blessing on the museum for these years.


Creation Museum Anniversary

This spring has special significance to us at Answers in Genesis. You may remember when the Creation Museum opened to the public on May 28, 2007. Well, that will be five years ago very soon! Praise the Lord for His continued blessing on the museum for these years. So much has happened since opening day.

We’ve been able to welcome over 1.5 million visitors and added plenty of new exhibits, displays, and enhancements—but we pray this is just the beginning of the work God will do through this place. To celebrate how God has led us and to commemorate the occasion, the Creation Museum team is planning a unique line-up of events for our guests. Please join us in thanking God for how good He has been to us, and pray that the Savior will be glorified in the future ministry of this facility.

Answers for Women

We have received numerous joyful testimonies regarding last month’s Answers for Women conference, which was held for the first time at the Creation Museum. Over a hundred women attended and were edified by the worship through biblical teaching, singing, and fellowship.

International Training Seminar

Once again, Answers Worldwide organized a group of leaders from around the world to gather for five days of intensive training in the Scripture—especially how to combat attacks on the foundational truths in Genesis. We praise God for using AiG to help prepare these godly men and women to stand for truth in their home countries. Please pray for them to have courage to promote the message of biblical creation, often in hostile environments.


Board and Leadership

Important decisions, urgent deadlines, financial restrictions, and all kinds of physical and spiritual challenges are commonplace for our dedicated board and leadership team. Please ask the Lord to give wisdom and clear guidance as they make choices that affect the future of AiG’s ministry. This is an ongoing, daily need.

Various Departments

While we often request prayer for prominent outreaches and major projects, we should not fail to remember all the work that goes on behind the scenes of this apologetics ministry. We cannot emphasize enough—please pray for our staff who labor for the gospel in many inconspicuous but absolutely essential areas like the warehouse, mail processing, housekeeping, etc. The faithful service of staff members in all our departments is a blessing from the Lord, as they often go above and beyond what is required to meet the task at hand. Don’t forget to hold them up in prayer for strength and understanding as they seek to be diligent, doing all things as unto the Lord.

Research Projects

Staff members in our Research Department are always in a time squeeze to meet deadlines. They serve a lot of other departments whose time-dependent requests often leave little time to do necessary research. Also, we are always in need of scientifically robust technical papers for the online Answers Research Journal.

These time pressures form a double-edged prayer request—both for quality papers from outside authors and for the time and resources our own research scientists need to do new research so they can also submit high-quality papers.

Currently, Dr. Georgia Purdom and Dr. Andrew Snelling are researching fossils called stromatolites and are working to prepare a paper with a deadline of August 15 this year. A number of other research projects are also in the pipeline on topics including radioactive dating of meteorites, fossil radioactivity in radiohalos, elucidating the post-Flood geology of Israel, and recalibrating radiocarbon dating according to the biblical chronology.


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