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by Ken Ham on April 27, 2012

International Training Seminar Winds Down

This week my mind has often been on our various international outreaches, even though I need to prepare for travel this weekend to Minnesota for a conference on Sunday and Monday. For the past four days, we have had 11 international Christian leaders here at the Creation Museum for our International Training Seminar. They are being instructed in biblical apologetics, so that they will be more effective in their spheres of influence back home. They will leave as better communicators, but they will also return home with all sorts of resources—AiG books, DVDs, curricula, and more—to distribute far and wide.

This intensive five-day ITS workshop is limited to about 12 Christian leaders, so that we can give them individualized instruction—including helping these leaders become better speakers on biblical apologetics. With our 11 representatives this year (sadly, one person could not get a visa to be with us), the countries represented are Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), Malaysia, Bolivia, South Africa, India, Wales (2 representatives), Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada, and the Philippines.

Our ITS representative from Malaysia attended our All-Asian Creation Conference late last year in Malaysia and was greatly blessed by the Bible teaching there. He reminded us that two of the 2011 conference representatives from Nepal were so excited about the opportunity to reach their closed country with the creation and gospel message, that they decided to host what we believe is the first creation conference in that country (located north of India). That Nepal conference was held last week, and I received a report from my friend Dr. Joseph Paturi that about 400 people turned out! Isn’t it great that a conference last year in Malaysia led to a similar meeting held in a country that is largely closed to the creation/gospel message?

Here are some photos taken of the ITS representatives during a special chapel session we held for our staff, where each ITS participant shared a little about their ministry back home.

Please pray for our ITS group as they travel back to their countries and begin to apply all they have learned this week.

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