Answers for Women Conference—An Amazing Time!

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I couldn’t be more thrilled with the feedback we received from our first-ever women’s conference at the Creation Museum. It was truly a blessed time for everyone involved. While there are some improvements we will be sure to make in preparation for next year’s conference, I want to let the ladies who attended speak for themselves. I pulled these quotes from the many surveys we received at the close of the conference.

I never fill in evaluations. That I did, means that I feel this conference is so needful and meets a huge need. I soak up this info and answers. Dr. Georgia is a fount of info and I really appreciate all of her knowledge. This will grow and I am extremely happy to be part of the first event.
In my opinion, nothing needs to be changed. Everything in the conference was excellent, especially the music.
I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful time of encouragement and equipping me. This conference was great! I laughed, cried, and grew in faith and love of the Lord!
Can’t wait for the next one.
Mary Mohler very energetic, would like to hear more from her. [Many women commented how much they enjoyed Mary’s speaking on the importance of Scripture memorization.]
Thank you for providing a ticket for me to go thru the museum and especially for my husband and son to go thru while I was in the conference! [We provided free admission to the museum for husbands and children of women attending the conference!]
Taking a boatload of resources home to our church.
The food was great! Loved the salad, soup, and fruit.
I actually felt some resentment thinking, “Why haven’t I been taught this in church?” I’ve attended church for 48 years.
Dr. Georgia Purdom is an excellent speaker and helped me so much! I also really enjoyed Ken Ham. Steve Ham was also excellent. Drama Gomer was superb!
Joetta [worship leader]- beautiful voice and manner, liked her humility and sweetness of spirit.
We asked the ladies, “What information was most useful?” Here are some of their replies:
The talk on disabilities. I have two children with disabilities and know many families affected. Please put the disabilities talk to video and possibly book too.
Each session just seemed to build on each other and each one had a great impact on me personally for this time in my life!
Where all “people groups” originated and why!
All talks were informative; learned from each speaker.
And here is one last comment that I think sums up very nicely the overall consensus of the surveys:
So much new information that gives me more confidence in Scripture and make me love Jesus more! Please, please do this conference again. The quality of the conference is far better than any conference I’ve ever attended—very theologically sound and saturated in the proper understanding of Scripture. This is greatly needed for women in the church today. THANK YOU for helping me grow in Christ and the defense of His Word. You’ve better equipped me to homeschool and disciple my children and love my husband! I’ll be back next year with more women from my church, Lord willing.
It has been a dream of mine for many years to have a women’s conference at Answers in Genesis, and this was the thrilling fulfillment of that dream! I will share more on Thursday (just too much for one blog!). Below are a few pictures (taken from my cell phone) to give you some visuals of the day. We are starting to plan next year’s conference, so watch for more information.

We held the conference in our new Legacy Hall.

Worship time with our talented musicians

Mary Mohler speaking about biblical womanhood

Stacia, my friend and AiG VBS director, sharing about her son, disabilities and the sovereignty of God

Ken Ham presenting a biblical view of death and suffering

Over 100 women attended the conference!

Geri Campbell performing her drama, Gomer

Women equipping themselves with resources at special conference prices

Mary Mohler and me—we both like pink!

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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