Prayer Requests and Praises, June 2012


Whatever happens, we can have peace from God through Jesus Christ, as long as we rely upon Him for all of our needs and give God praise for all He has done for us.

As we lift up these praises and prayer requests to our heavenly Father, please consider Philippians 4:6–7, which states, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Whatever happens, we can have peace from God through Jesus Christ, as long as we rely upon Him for all of our needs and give God praise for all He has done for us.


Lucy Exhibit

We praise God for the high-tech “Lucy” exhibit unveiled recently at the Creation Museum. This eye-catching addition to the “Starting Points” room has been the focus of many positive comments from museum guests—and plenty of heated reactions from evolutionists. Pray that the Lord will use this display to powerfully affect the worldview of museum visitors—perhaps even helping to bring some to salvation.

Ken Ham on TBN

AiG President Ken Ham was recently given the opportunity to appear on a two-hour TV discussion panel along with Hugh Ross (and others) that was aired worldwide on Trinity Broadcasting Network. The program became essentially a debate between Ken Ham and Hugh Ross on biblical authority and the age of the earth. The video of this show on TBN’s website already has many times more views than any other program in their archives. We thank the Lord for this chance to present biblical truth to such a large audience.


Billboard Campaign

This year, billboards around the country will be overrun with dinosaurs—all hailing from the Creation Museum. The creative advertising campaign makes use of a unique “comic-style” design featuring in-your-face dinosaur themes. Over 100 billboards have been secured from California to Florida, so hundreds of thousands of people will be exposed to the Creation Museum. Please pray that God will use these signs to draw many people to discover the truth of His unchanging Word and the gospel message through the Creation Museum.

Upcoming Conferences

Please pray that God will guide those involved in preparing for next month’s Proclaiming the Faith family conference, and pray for the families in attendance to be strengthened in their faith and equipped to proclaim it.

Also, pray for additional registrations for the two Answers for Pastors conferences in September and October. We need pastors who will boldly stand on the authority of God’s Word and lead their churches and communities to stem the tide of biblical compromise in America and around the world.

Ark Funding

Donations raised for the full-size Ark are now nearing $5.5 million, for which we praise the Lord. However, much more funding is needed before we can begin construction of this centerpiece for the evangelistic Ark Encounter project. Pray that the management team will have wisdom in the many aspects of planning with the resources God has provided as they seek to glorify Him. Please also pray that God would move people to support this monumental outreach.

Curriculum Development

Many details are being finalized for the approaching release of Answers Bible Curriculum, our full-featured, chronological, three-year Sunday school program. The staff members involved would greatly appreciate your prayers for direction and fortitude during this strenuous process, especially as they are also working hard on another significant curriculum at the same time. We thank God for the opportunity to be involved in these big projects, and we pray that the truth of God’s Word will be spread to many individuals as a result.

Research Department

Staff members in AiG’s Research Department continue to be busy with content and scientific reviews throughout the ministry. Items for the website, magazine, museum exhibits, and other publications make for a full load. Please pray for their efforts to be effective and timely in all the outreaches God has blessed us with.


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