Prayer Requests and Praises, January 2012


The Lord has given us another year to serve Him by proclaiming the authority of His Word.

The Lord has given us another year to serve Him by proclaiming the authority of His Word. With it comes a host of blessings for which we praise Him, along with many outreaches and concerns to continue bringing before Him in prayer.


Christmas Town

God greatly blessed the Christmas Town 2011 outreach with good weather, safety for those involved, and thousands more visitors than the previous year. Over 26,000 people enjoyed the lights and dramas this season, but more importantly, they encountered the true joy of Christmas—the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are extremely grateful for the many volunteers who sacrificed their time and resources to make this event possible.

Year-end Donations

God continues to meet the needs of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. By the grace of God and the generosity of His people, our year-end donation goal was met and even exceeded. Please continue to pray for wisdom for those in leadership as they seek to be good stewards of God’s resources in a difficult economy. Pray, too, that God’s people will support AiG this month—a traditionally slow time for donations.


Major Conferences and Outreaches

As we mentioned last month, our speakers are scheduled to visit hundreds of churches, schools, and other locations throughout America and the world this coming year. Please continue in prayer for these events—including safety in travel and effective proclaiming of God’s Word.

But that’s just the beginning. We are also busy planning a number of major conferences and other outreaches to a variety of target audiences. The year of 2012 will be packed with biblical teaching from Answers in Genesis—starting in March with our Children’s Ministry Leaders’ Conference, followed by Answers for Women in April, and our Proclaiming the Faith family conference in July. Also in the works are four Grand Canyon rafting trips throughout the summer (praise the Lord that three raft trips are already fully booked), plus the 2012 London Olympic Outreach this August, and more.

Please ask God to bless the diligent efforts of all the staff involved in coordinating and preparing these life-changing programs. Pray that the plans will come together according to the Lord’s will and that many hundreds will sign up to come and be transformed by His Word.

Speaking in Russia

At the time of this update, AiG’s Dr. Terry Mortenson is wrapping up the last few days of an extended speaking trip throughout Russia and then on to Albania. Please pray for the hearts of those he comes in contact with, that they would receive the message of biblical truth and that many lives may be greatly impacted. Also pray for scheduling and safety as Terry finishes and travels home to the U.S.

Health Concerns

Some who are involved with the ministry of AiG are currently struggling with sickness and various illnesses. Please pray for healing and comfort for the afflicted staff members and their families as they rely upon God for the strength to endure these trials.


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